Giveaway & Gifts

The Christmas Giveaway is here!!

Head on down to my Facebook to find out how you can win goodies >>> HERE!!!

All the best and wishing you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Speaking of Christmas, I don't exactly celebrate Christmas but giving presents is just a way I show appreciation to my family and friends. So there!

 And presents I received:

The second bottle of perfume Ernie gave me this year. He must really think I stink hahahaha. Thankyou Ernie, love it!

This was given to me so that we can battle it out hahahaha.

I know the amount of presents given out and received is seriously toppling on one side but that's because I'm #foreveralone and friendless T___T Hahaha just kidding, enjoy your holidays! 

I'm now going to eat candy canes and stuff myself with cake on this lonely day.


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