Here's to

I know this so too cliche but, man, how time flies.

Here's to our 1st anniversary.

One year back when we were both skinnier lol.

Surprisingly enough, when it comes to things like this normally I would have a few paragraphs of emotional words and rants but not this time round. So you guys are spared from those.

Back to the story, on the day of out anniversary we were at Malacca and he took me to this restaurant Olio in Renaissance Hotel.

Olio serves comfort Italian food. That sounds bad for the body figure, lol.

But it's okay, what can ONE monster meal do to you anyway right?? *self comforts*

If Italiannies have their signature rosemary bread, I guess Olio have their signature olive bread then. Pretty good stuff, I don't mind just having this as appetizer, main course and dessert. No really, I'm a sucker for carbs.

Grilled Calamari, alongside with slow roast tomatoes, grilled egg plant, olives, garlic and balsamic vinaigrette. Don't I sound so food blogger-ish? HAHA I copied that straight off the menu.

This was my favorite dish of the day. Best soup ever, Salmon, Leek and Potato Cream. Super creamy and the best cooked salmon I've ever had. Not even exaggerating here. Usually I avoid cooked salmon because it makes the nice salmon-y taste disappears, rather stick to raw or smoked ones. But THIS is awesome, the taste is still in tact, tasted exactly like smoked salmon in fact. Ooooooh loving it.

Zuppa con un misto di frutti di mare. Bet you can't guess it's English name in a million years unless you Google it. It's actually mixed seafood soup AKA tomyam soup without the spicyness hahaha.

 Main dish of the day: Turkey Roulade served with roast potatoes, garlic vegetables and cranberry sauce. At this point I was so full from all the soup and bread I couldn't enjoy it to it's maximum potential. The turkey ham was really good though and I think I just had a new found love with roasted vegetables. So juicy and taste preserved.

So freaking full I couldn't even enjoy my favorite part of the meal, DESSERT! This is the Festive Cassata, in conjunction of the holiday season. Served with mix berries compote.

and here is another irrelevant picture of myself as usual.

This is the man who has stolen one year of my life away by far.

(Thanks la dirty mirror for blurring my face)

Here's to the unexpected start,
the days with you,
and many more to come.


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