Let the giving begin!

Approaching Christmas means one thing to me.. Got to start preparing the Christmas gifts! I personally don't celebrate Christmas but I love being a part of the giving community. That's one of the greatest joy people can get from Christmas.

Anyway, as usual I went shopping alone for gifts. I really do enjoy shopping alone at times because I get to play around by pretending to be someone else. I mean since nobody knows me right I'm just "an innocent looking girl shopping for her loved ones" or I might be "a picky bitch buying things for herself" or even "the most calculative auntie that came from kampung" or my favorite "filthy rich spoilt brat who doesn't care about price". HAHA YES! Using different personalities in different shops, that's pretty fun for me. 

Don't look at me like that -__- 

So couple days ago I was shopping alone like that in Sunway Pyramid. Looking for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. And this just had to happen to me. I ran out of small change for the parking ticket, I even drove to 3 different autopay machines but non of them want to accept my coins and 50 bucks note. So in the end I went and buy unnecessary muffins from Kenny Rogers just to obtain small change.

Seriously a bad idea because I finish them all in the traffic jam back home. 

 One of my loot for the day, birthday gift for birthday boy.

At the birthday boy's dinner, all set to plant his face into the cake. 

 There he goes!

 Seriously who made the whole face planting thing a tradition. What a waste of a good yummy Secret Recipe cake.

 Some gifts, toilet roll made out of money LOL.

 Cuff links

 Told him that this was his second cake. Look at the tak puas face haahaha.

 It wasn't a cake after all!

Happy 20th, love :)

Before I go off, I know many of you came here to see pointless pictures so here are some..

*thanks Yuen Yee for the behind-the-scene picture!*

Curious? You should be!

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