Nerdy Fatty

Hello. Please don't get too excited. This is just another lazy post I'm so so sorry T___T don't hate me.

Right after I'm done with my finals this Friday, I will give you many many quality posts with nice pictures! Really I promise.. no, I commit to this statement! Because broken promises are too common, but nothing will undermine your reputation faster than a broken commitment. Right right right???! Don't I sound all witty and philosophical? Hehe (I copied that quote online lol)

 So study mode ON right??

Not so fast! I have many conditions if I were to ON my study mode. I cannot study just like that anywhere anytime. These are the conditions to be fulfilled:

  1. Must be a coffeehouse no less, I think the smell of coffee inspires me -.-
  2. The place cannot be too warm or too cold.
  3. Not too bright not too dark.
  4. Not too noisy and crowded. This is why I avoid Starbucks Taipan during exam season. Too many people and noises.
  5. Cancer sticks area. Just for study week I'm sorry. Inspiration.
  6. Face must not have make up on, hair must be tied up. Glasses optional.

Also, Study Week = Fatty Week thanks to those tempting sugar-n-fat-in-a-cup.


  1. love your fashion taste... normally where you go shopping.. :)

  2. Hi babe! I go to random shops but now there is this blogshop with my partnership and some of the items are handpicked by me! Check it out here :


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