That calls for a Carlsberg!

There was a party last weekend.... But where was the party??? That's right! Carlsberg Where's The Party happened again! 12 hours of non-stop fun woohoo!

Party people gathered at Stadium Shah Alam at noon.

The crowd was massive and all excited as we didn't know where the Carlsberg buses would be taking us to party! What a way to create hype! Registration was done and each guest received an RFID tag, this tag has a code or chip inside that identifies you so you can collect points from games and even have your pictures taken and uploaded on Facebook straight away by the Carlsberg team!

My RFID tag.

Boarded the bus and had the curtains on to further intensify the suspense. After a while, our host announced that we've arrived at our party place. We were all like, "Wha....??? So fast?!"

Turned out the mysterious place was..... *drumrolls*.. The Carlsberg Brewery itself! That means we wouldn't have to worry about beer supply running out! p/s: It was drizzling, thus the raincoat.

At first this didn't look like a party place, more like a fun fair but wait till you see the scenes afterwards.

But I was already happy enough as I love fun fairs! Free amusement park rides for us all!

That day I was like, "Okay I'm ready to #foreveralone at a party for the first time.." because I went there alone and didn't know who else would be there.

But when several #foreveralones come together, here you have a pack of party people! Met the other Nuffnang and Churp Churp representatives and stuck with them like glue afterwards. *Thou shalt not be #foreveralone* From left, Jenq, Jimmy, Ernest, Joel and yours truly.

Amazing how a brewery can be transformed into such an exciting place to party!

First we stepped into the food fair which was more or less like a pasar malam. Free flow of nasi lemak, finger food, ice cream, satay, kaya balls, popcorn, hotdogs and the list goes on. Hungry people rejoice!

and do I even need to tell you that there was free flow of Carlsberg beer the entire time. Drink like there's no tomorrow but of course, don't drive later :P

Bumped into these 2 lovely ladies! Rachel and Jamie.

Next we decided to have some fun at the amusement park.

There were plenty of games for us to collect points but we were all acting macho so we didn't try them hurhurhur.

We went for this though! A seemingly tame pirate ship but in reality it was hella scary. How can a small pirate ship like this be so scary T__T My head was down the entire time.

There was also this awesome hot air balloon thing. Notice there was no basket attached? YOU are the basket hahaha! I really wanted to try it but errr wasn't feeling brave that day and the line was unbelievably long okay so it wasn't just because I was scared. *denial*

So we turned to less scary activities such as being amused by a magician..

and plotting how to make the clown on stilts trip. Kidding! We are such nice people, wouldn't do such thing, right right right???

After a couple hours, our feet weren't feeling so energized anymore. But fret not!

There was even a foot massage booth! Now we can really party all night long!!

When night falls, the party finally began!

Party people ready for it!

First up was a performance by the genius beatboxer, Shawn Lee. Really got the crowd in the mood!

Then, surprise surprise! A collaboration between Shawn Lee and the legendary violinist, Dennis Lau. Beatboxing and electric violin makes such an awesome combination!

Patricia and Joey G emceed for the night! Need I say more? Those 2 really know how to get a party started!

Guys love the camera too! So it's not just girls, stop stereotyping!

Some others I bumped into that night was Sam! Somehow we always always always bump into each other at events and parties and only that. Why have I not bump into you shopping or something before eh, party animal Sam!

Also, Shiang Leit whom I've not seen since high school days!

One of my favorite performance of the night, High on Heels! Those sexy ladies know their stuffs!

More surprises, HOMAIGAWD IS THAT AN AIR SWIMMER???! Yes it is! Carlsberg really loves the surprise element it seemed. Haha the air swimmer got everyone going oooh and aaah. It ended up on a tree at the end of the night though -_- I should pilot it!

There was a carousel that night and I was like "OOOH I want I want I want!" but the guys were like "No no no no no."

But I went ahead anyway. Yay for merry go round!!!

More group pictures!

and met Simon too! That's an ice cream potong in his mouth haha.

Luke was part of the event crew that day! Really working it eh :D

Greater surprises! At midnight 10 lok lok trucks came in. Yes that's right, TEN! Everyone suddenly turned on their hooligan mood and surrounded the trucks like they're made of gold! I mean, who wouldn't want free flow lok lok right?? Attack!!!!

Before leaving, we headed down to the redemption area to exchange the points we earned from playing games with limited edition goodies! I definitely need a souvenir from this great event.

But I didn't play enough games so I only got a Carlsberg bottle opener. Not bad though! Now I won't have any problems with my Carlsberg bottles.

Last few pictures with my party people and that wrapped things up!

Carlsberg instilled the "Drink Responsibly" attitude in their consumers. Encouraging us to take the breathalyzer test(yes they had that at the event!!) and to not drive home if we drank past the limit. Needless to say, we all drank past the limit so what we did was follow the bus, car pool or take a cab home.

That's right, a happy moment calls for a Carlsberg but remember to drink responsibly as well! You won't want a great night to turn out not-so-great!


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