The Xmas Night

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me to you!! *much loves*

Hope you guys spent your Christmas with your loved ones awesomely. This year I didn't do much, just a casual dinner with friends and second round dinner (sorry Stomach, it's just for Christmas. And New Year. And Chinese New Year.) with the love.

I had my first round dinner in Empire so after that he took me for second round in Empire Hotel itself. Christmas buffet dinner time! (Once again, sorry stomach.)

The boy surprised me with a bouquet of roses too. I don't know why but maybe it has something to do with me whining and complaining whole day regarding what my Christmas presents are and where they at. HEHEHEHEHEHE.

Happy boy eating dinner.

This is the only food picture I took. Of my Caesar Salad. 

Some red wine and Cream of Chicken Soup.

Of course, you know I love taking pictures with flowers.

Christmas present for me!!!!

He actually sneaked that box into my bag about half an hour ago when we were digesting my first dinner at Starbucks. But well I never found it because inside my bag was another universe altogether. I can never find things in there. So at dinner he had to ask me several times whether I found something before I finally go and look for something in my bag.

From him.

So that was my Christmas night. Few more days and it will be a brand New Year woohoo!!

Man, I do wish they don't stop playing the Christmas songs and please spare me from all the tong tong chiang CNY songs. CNY songs give me the headache.

Before I go off, my Christmas Giveaway is still going on, CLICK HERE to win some goodies this holiday season!


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