Wasn't me! It was my camera cable which decided to run off somewhere and never return. Thus, I couldn't get hold of any pictures. Thus no proper updates. Chain reaction, you see. Tsk tsk, bad camera cable. But no worries as I just got a new one and here comes the pictures. Aren't I a real life saver? (;

It was event night and here we are doing a final check to see how we look like in pictures. I smell vanity.

Look for the night. The theme was "White and Gold" and I cheated by wearing a champagne color dress. Hey it's the closest color to gold anyway right??

The usual camwhore in car thing.

And my Superman driver with his "Edward Cullen hair".

Hola from Shah Alam Convention Centre.

The forever sweet May Yen.

Pretty Mico.

Mr. Superman

The stage and let's count how many thumbs-ups are there.

Superman and fellow superheroes.

Superman acting tai kor.

The ladies.

Beware of the 6-packs.

Last but not least, not forgetting my babe Tzia.

Later that night, after event, supper and everything else, we went over to Holiday Villa with the team and got ourselves two suites. Spent the night there and what a convenience for me for I had class the next day and college is just less than 5 minutes drive away woohoo!

Anyway that's it for now. Blogged this first because had to process those pictures first for Facebook tagging purposes. So many other pictures for me to process and blog about yay! 

Stay tuned. A bunch of .gif images coming up next.

Insecurities. When you know you aren't any better than another. You're not the prettier one, the richer one, the smarter one, the more successful one. If everyone has that kind of insecurities it will be endless. Yes you may be the prettiest in your town but you're definitely not the prettiest in the country. Yes Megan fox is really hot but there is another hotter than her. Bill gates was once the richest but not anymore. At the end of the day, it keeps going on. Never-ending.

So people tell you not to feel insecure. But being normal is one thing, different is another. Normal is when your spouse glances and comments on the attractive looking opposite sex that walks by. Different is when your spouse continuously obssess about one particular opposite sex for the longest time and that particular person remains in his or her mind at all time.

So they tell you you're one in a billion. Well that just means there's another 8 more of you in the world. Isn't it nice to know.

I guess these are the thoughts that drive people crazy. Wise man says, "Be contented. There is no point in comparing and live life in moderate. Then you shall be happy."

So one only can be truly happy if he or she conquers the mind, reaches a state of peace, experiences enlightenment. Silly isn't it? Now that you look at it? Everything you ever worked for, ever cared for is just nothing at the end of your life. And yet people make a big fuss out of petty things, chasing rainbows only to find cornflakes at the end of it.

So.. What really matters?

I guess being truly happy is the one main thing and truly happy doesn't mean the joy you get from buying a 100 pairs of nice shoes or dozens of Birkin bags. Things, material things are nothing at the end of the day. But still what will life be without them? So these are the things that keep us human busy living. Busy making a living. To provide a nice big house for the family etc.

But remember, while you keep yourselves busy living, don't lose yourselves in the process. Too many has overlooked the main purpose of life.
Hi there I have food again. *does a little somersault* 

  Another day at Ben's @ KLCC having breakfast or tea time for normal people. My favorite red velvet cake above, better than Daily Grind's I must say. Having this as breakfast is such a guilt trip.

 Salmon potato salad. Fml I actually took one of those leaves and tried to eat it but it tasted super disgusting that I ended up spitting it out. Salmon was good though.

Spaghetti. Would you look at the amount of cheese(those yellow strips at the side)!

Next up, dinner at Louisiana Steakhouse @ Kelana Jaya. The other time was this: http://shinyeee.blogspot.com/2011/01/hungry-people-do-not-proceed.html and the rest of the times I didn't have a camera with me. So here are some other food on the menu:

 Salmon biscuits. I love their smoked salmon, yumyum!

 Chicken pasta.

This is what happens when I get someone to take a picture of me. Sighhh, good help is hard to get these days.

 So I rather do it the DIY way.

Later that night, we went to chill at Luna Bar.

Hola to city lights!

KL looks really peaceful and beautiful after all that rush at night.

The guys and their antisocial devices.

Hola KL Tower I can almost touch you! 

My camera is so dysfunctional at night. Crappy night pictures.

 Or it may be just face problem. When it's not focusing on my face I get pretty results, love those bokehs!

Mr. Nie Nie chilling out.

'The Rock' faces. 

Got to head to the washroom for some camwhoring action.

 Climbed upstairs for clearer night view.

 Of course, the guys have to layan me and my fetish for reflective surfaces.

After a couple of weeks of semester break(yes it's that short sigh) classes resume tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. MORNING!!!! Arghhhhhhhh. Time to tune my biological clock back in place and it's not an easy task. At all. Considering that I got used to sleeping late(or early since sometimes it can be 6AM) and waking up late(like 3PM, hmm). Good luck to me!

Dinner at Ben's Pavilion.

My main course, Ben's Chocolate Cake. Hahahaha I know right, shhhhhh. I like to substitute my main course with dessert, otherwise my stomach will be too full for it. 

Chicken soup for the soul.

Mushroom lasagna. A very fail one!

There were several others as well but before I could take nice pictures of them, someone ruined them already out of hunger.

 Like my mushroom soup for instance.

 Some spaghetti.

 Here's the end result of the mushroom lasagna.

Not a very big fan of Ben's food but the dessert menu certainly interests me. Mmmmm, can't wait to try them all. I think it's attractiveness is somehow got to do with the choice of font they use in the menu. I have a thing with fonts. My OCD perhaps, ugly fonts drive me nuts. Comic Sans for instance.

 And of course, some camwhore action in the really nice washroom next to Ben's.

Coincidently a 'ponytail day' for us both.

By the way, here's an irrelevant mille crepe cake picture which belongs to another day but if I don't include it here I don't think it'll ever see daylight ever.

Not forgetting a piece of Instagram before I sign off *loves

Bon voyage senoritas~! Be back soon (:

Early morning, feeling hyped up even though it was drizzling because it was finally the grand finale of S.O.X. All-Stars Hoops 2011. We arrived at Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort and the event was already going on.

Ta-da! Nice place (:

and here's the agenda for the day. Oooh so much to look forward to!

The preliminaries have already started by the time we got there.

Our lovely hosts and commentators of the day. We were updated in both Mandarin and English.

Hola to Jamie Liew! We were the early birds of the day.

Let the match begin! *shake hands

 So intense!


and filled with awesome moves too!

The players fought for their team all the way till the end. You should have seen the support given by the crowd as well! This is what we call team spirit!

 Check it out. Everyone's favorite dance crew Elecoldxhot gave some really amazing performances on that day as well. Woot!

The team every basketballer is dying to be in, the KL Dragons, too had a match that day with the Dream Team. The crowd went wild!

Here are the results at the end of the day.

So all the very attractive cash prizes  have been given out. Good job to all and congratulations to the winners(how I wish I'm a basketballer now, I want to bring home cash prizes too!!)! You guys have certainly put on a great show. The team work was strong and we can see the effort from every drip of sweat!