The NY Fashion Week 2011 was legendary. Haute couture, top designers, supermodels, high-end society and celebrities aside, the NY Fashion Week 2011 has revolutionized makeup. Here are several hot looks spotted on the runway:

Models sported this hybrid grey-blue hue at the L'Wren Scott Spring 2011 show

Classic blue look spotted backstage at Rochas Spring 2011

Blue eyes are certainly attention grabbers and are mysteriously beautiful, not to mention the fresh feeling it gives to the look.

And of course, let's not forget those forever sexy red lips, spotted at runways of Diane Von Furstenberg and Luca Luca.

So we get it, blue hued eyes and red lips are the rage, but those looks can only be pulled off on a runway right? 

Wrong! Let's take the looks from catwalk to sidewalk right now and still look absolutely stunning! Maybelline has greatly inspired this and has a similar look named the Mystery Maven.

Every girl wants to be that mysterious sexy lady. Alluring and charming their ways into others' hearts, but never revealing what's on their mind.

Inspired by the green and blues of the ocean, a mystery maven is as unpredictable as the deep mysterious ocean.

Here's my version of Mystery Maven.

My beautiful people, you're in for a treat! Today I will be doing a tutorial on how to achieve the Mystery Maven look. (Video below)

In this tutorial, I'll be using these products:

And along with some brushes, blush, eyebrow pencil, black liquid eyeliner, lash curler, Q-tips, and wet tissue.

It's going to be easy as a pie! Ready? Here we go~! Excuse my squeaky/coarse voice due to the flu I'm currently having. Heehee.

For comparison.

I love this look!

Great with glasses too *wink

 Hope you guys enjoyed the video and love this look as much as I did (;

So. Freaking. Annoyed. Right. Now. That. I. Just. Had. To. Type. Like. This.

Smart alec me, decided to 'reformat' my laptop by myself one day by moving everything from my C Drive into D Drive. By everything I really mean EVERYTHING.

So now my laptop's not functioning like it should. And of course I'm frustrated. Took me days to sort some things out on my own because I'm kiasu like this I will not give in and bring to a shop. GRRR!!!

So now things are kind of working, kind of not but the reason why I'm truly annoyed is because my freaking Adobe Photoshop is gone! Can you believe it? GONE! It's like me missing one kidney.

Thus I'm currently using this retarded version on web photoshop and it sucks. Proof above. Nothing is comparable to Adobe Photoshop.


Anyone wants to install it back on my laptop for me? :(
Here am I, one of the days of sitting at Starbucks chilling. And today I came across some old pictures in the laptop.

So here it is. This is dedicated to all my sayangs, bb's, babes, my gorgeous perempuans!

 This is not me and me.

 This is the sexy beautiful lady and I.

Ms. Tan Tzia Tzia

Here's to 5 years of friendship which started reluctantly in the most unpredictable way,
Here's to ancient days of dancing Buttons together,
Here's to uncountable camwhore pictures we've taken,
Here's to bimbo, crazy, memorable moments.
Thanks for always lending a helping hand (;

Next I have this alien here with me.

 Who seems like a quiet pretty chick. (But we know the truth haha!!)

 Forever pretty and sweet Michelle.

Here's to 4(?) years of friendship,
Here's to countless days of pooling, studying(!), lepaking,
Here's to noon karaoke-ing(sometimes just us both lol!)
Here's to never having a girlfriend conflict,
Boyfriends come and go, girlfriends stick till the end!
Thanks for always being there for me (;

 My dear old but never forgotten friend,

The craziest and most bubbly ever, Leen!

Here's to 10(!!) years of friendship,
Here's to Totally Spies, Harry Potter and Pokemon moments,
Here's to getting stuck on Bukit Merah's water slide,
Here's to Lala and Sofi(our pillows fml),
Here's to hours in our rooms just talking,
I'd never find another like you,
Thanks for lighting up my life (;

As for the rest of my girls whom I appreciate as well I don't have your pictures in this laptop right now ): But you girls are always in my heart.

Girls,  how I appreciate you so much for being a part of my life. I love you girls and definitely miss you to bits!

Attended the Maybelline workshop at Bangsar yesterday and boy it was a blow! I'll get to it very quickly but before that here's a picture of my face as usual,

Went there bare-faced to maximize benefits of the workshop! All pictures until stated will be this naked face so try not to be frightened and run. Well good things always come later anyway don't they? (;

Here we are! 

In this workshop, Maybelline took the looks from catwalk to sidewalk. Greatly in collaboration and inspired by the NY Fashion Week, Maybelline recreated 4 fabulous but easy to achieve looks suitable for everyday use!

 Briefing and demonstration.

Make up really do make a difference!

Well you can't find magic in this world but the closest thing you can find is make-up! Don't get me wrong, make up is not meant to be caked on and cover your natural beauty. Make up is used to enhance your beauty and to boost your confidence. A dab of foundation to cover that obvious spot on your face is the same as a dab of confidence. And confidence is what makes you sexy!

The lovely Amber Chia made an appearance too to give a short lesson. FYI, Amber Chia Academy is one of the sponsors for  this workshop. And Amber has a really nice personality!

 Different poses for different feel and how to cheat the camera!

Oh my what a huge contrast there o.o

 The fun begins! Time to use what we've learned on that day.

Let the magic begin!

The ladies at work, busy beautifying and camwhoring hahahaa.

What did I tell you about magic? Jocelyn and myself. What a transformation after using Maybelline products! Our faces even capture the light better after application (; *wink wink* Now you know the secret of the ladies.

Here comes the highlight of the day, we get to take home whatever we want on the table! Mirrors not included lol. Thanks a lot for the generosity Maybelline!

  My loot hurhurhur. When it comes to make up, there's no such thing as holding back!

 Sweetie Thara from Nuffnang.

 The happy ladies (:

Make up takes camwhoring to a different level! Confidence level +99

What do we have here?? A flash mob!! 

Ah yes, say no to chap lips indeed! Nobody likes dry lips and worse yet, to kiss them! Who wants soft and smooth lips say Aye!

So say hello to Baby Lips from Maybelline, the lip balms that instantly moisturise and give you better looking lips. Not to mention really adorable looking too!

 I'm already loving it! You will too (:

Maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's Maybelline New York!