The Coziest Place to be

I like all things girly.

I like all things intimate.

and most of all I like all things comfy!

For the above reasons, I've decided to host a slumber party!!! Not just any slumber party but a Sloggi Girls' Night party! Not to mention competing for the Sloggi’s Sassiest Girl title at the same time. 
And since I'm such a "flluffy" person (even my blog description calls me a bunny), my  Sloggi Girls' Night  will be based on the theme Cozy Cuddly! Ooooh you can start picturing fluffy pillows and feathers flying all over the room now.

I know I know, most slumber parties are such let-downs (I myself been to a few). But not this one! This party is going to be what you really think it is! So let me do you a favor and put that smile back on your face.

So be prepared to witness the one-of-a-kind night with loads of girly fun and drama! I'll be partying with a few of my hottest girl friends so rest assured, there will be plenty of eye candies! Don't be sad now that you can't join me for the party... because you can!

My  Sloggi Girls' Night  is going to be streamed live online on and also on my Facebook page so you will be able to party with me! We'll have lots of fun I promise. Ask the hotties questions, make requests and even conduct how the night will be! Best part is you can even win awesome goodies by just answering simple questions. *wink*

In case you missed my last sentence, I said GOODIES!!!! Free stuffs! We know we love it!

So make sure you don't miss out on the most fluffy slumber party ever and your chance to being a part of it.

Mark your calenders!  


Here's where all the live action will be at! So make sure you follow me that night ;)

Bookmark this: or Like me on Facebook!

That's right! That's the 11th of January 2012, don't forget!

What will happen if you don't follow me on my slumber party that night? Mmmmmmm nothing much, you'll just miss out on the biggest and hottest slumber party of 2012. Plus your chance of winning goodies and interacting with hotties!

In case you didn't get what I just said, here's a video of me telling you again :D

Need more motivation?? Here's Henry Golding for you! *fan girl scream!*

That's  right! Better be there ;)

See you real soon! *wink*


  1. Hmm~ looks fun!! Hoping to join the party, pretty!! ^^ It's gonna be fun...


  2. Kahmon - stay tuned dear! Next Wednesday night <3


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