Little CNY Things

Wake up call. Every single time.

Am I the only one who loves this smell?

These aren't lavender but they sure are pretty.

So I tried to act all photographer-like with them. Keyword: tried, act

This is the place I have a love-hate relationship with. My grandmother's house. Everytime we arrive, I know, I'm in for desert like weather and unlimited supply of food I cannot resist. Trust me, you cannot go through the day without aircon or a cold shower. Why is the weather there so different from anywhere else? I wish I knew. Anyone care to explain? It's a small village, 10 minutes drive away from Sepang.

And it's not like there aren't any plants around. Coconut trees, oil palm trees, you name it they got it.

More plants. Good for your eyes. Thank me later.

And this is called .. uh.. The bird flower (direct translation from Chinese)

CNY decor. 

And my adorable little thing.

My CNY was... like that lo. You know, just another week of junk food binge eating. I bet everyone misses the CNY they had as a kid, lots of running around, firecrackers, and friends to play with! .. I know I do. *cries out loud for growing up

Anyway, if you're actually hoping for pictures of humans (eg: ME!!!), that'll come later. Don't want to pollute the pretty pictures above with pictures of me showing you stupid faces in my cheongsam.

I'm currently spending the rest of my CNY Malacca btw, and it sure is JAM all the way here. Phew.

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to all and wishing you a prosperous and successful year. HUAT AH!!! If you're married please don't forget to give me angpows.


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