Money Matters!

I'm sure as college students, or even young working adults, one matter will always be a problem to us and that is money. Need to buy new things? Money. Need to hang out with friends? Money. It's tough going into the adult world where we have to be reponsible for everything in our life especially the financial part.

So HOW????! How can we spend less and earn more money?? Not all of us has the knowledge in investing and we deifinitely don't want to stop hanging out with friends or buying new things just to save up!

Well I myself have some advice for you, take a look at those little things in your life. Can you change it in any way? Instead of buying one Starbucks a day, why don't you make your own coffee? That itself saves you up to RM500 a month! Whoa! That's right, those are the little things you never realize that are making your money disappear.

Here's a short video I made on how to change some little habits of your daily life that can save you plenty of money! *thanks Sherry for the video edits!*

Pretty cool right? Try it out for a month and see the big difference it makes in your finance!

Besides, if you guys have any other tips to improve finance, why don't you share it with the rest of us?? After all, sharing is caring right? Know anything about investing or money management?

Put it into video form and join the nationwide Intervarsity Financial Literacy Movie (I-FiLM) Competition for college and university students. Launched on the 15th December 2011 by The Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), the training and education arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia, this competition offers great reward and education!

So if you like blogging, recording and uploading videos, put your skills into good use and see if you have what it takes to promote the concepts of money management and investing for the future in a creative and entertaining manner. Who knows! You might even be in the running to win up to RM3000 cash!


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