CNY 2012

Happy belated CNY! My dope chrome nails to match the occasion :)

Here's my mumi and my adorable little thing both looking happy. Awww.

And here are my bodyguards haha! My young but tall uncles. I must be around 167cm tall here tip-toeing but they're just like bitch please I don't even have to do that tip-toe stuff.

We are young, we run free. Take angpows, but don't give.

Lou sang dinner time! No worries, when it comes to lou sang with family, no raincoats needed.

With mumi, grandmumi, greatgrandmumi and brother.

Why hello there.

Derpina, Derp and us :)

If you're still hoping to see something more interesting from my CNY... Sorry didn't happen. My CNY back at my grandmumi's place is the same every year. I'm still in the process of evolving from all the running about as kids to the endless conversations with relatives but not quite there yet. I'm still the out of place youngster T____T Thus, it was really kind of boring for me.

Besides all the CNY snacks. And angpows.

Of course! Ending this with some vanity shots!

Just had to. 

I actually have the whole set from pose 1 to 10 but I'll spare you from all that. For now.

Oh and it seems that the voting is still ON! So... yes I'm going to ask you for another favor... Vote again alright! If you've been voting everyday here's a massive thanks to you!! Anyway,  click this link and help me. AGAIN!

Tong tong chiang muacks!


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