Eat, Party, Love.

It was Ernie's birthday at Vertigo! Ladies, he's single, available and is a pilot. 

Other numbers were present too! (Inside joke, sorry) For outsiders, say hi to Fenn Peng.

The 'after'.

That is all for pictures from the night! Surprising I know.. Guess this is the downside of having a bulky camera. That's why I actually opted for Canon S100 at first, but damn Nikon 1 looked sexier.

And.... I fell down that night like seriously PLOP almost flat on my face. My heels flew away too. *digs a hole and hide inside forever* 

Hope nobody remembers that memalukan moment or recognizes me! Heeehehehehehee.

Anyway, here is a short random food post. Okay who here has eaten satay celup before put your hands up!! Then you'll probably agree with my verdict at the end of the post. For those who hasn't heard of satay celup or tasted it, it's not really satay. Just another lok lok but the boiling soup is replaced with satay sauce. But again it's not really satay sauce, just peanut and spice sauce.

There are a few shops that sell satay celup in Melaka but the most well known one is Capitol. This is actually the second time I have satay celup. My first time sucked and I wasn't satisfied and I put the blame on the particular shop. So this time, I'm going to have satay celup at the best place for satay celup.

My all time favorite, crabstick stuffs.

Everything is lok lok style. Just grab however many you want, one normal item is priced at RM 0.90 (e.g. a stick of sausage, a plate of crabstick, a stick of tofu etc). Premium items such as lobsters are priced differently.

The sauce! Mixed on the spot by owners of the restaurant. 

Reason why you don't see many branches of this satay celup restaurant is because the owners keep everything within the family. Even the sauce they have to mix themselves because they do not want to reveal their 'secret recipe'. But I guess that's why some people come back, because they can't taste the same sauce anywhere else.  

Sauces dripping everywhere and don't even bother trying to keep your hands clean.

I hate satay celup. Yes you heard right. After trying it for the second time and at the best restaurant no less, I  now confirm my feelings towards satay celup. I hate it because it's so messy. I hate it because the shop is so crowded and hot and noisy and the workers are forever rude. Capitol, Y U NO RENOVATE AND HIRE BETTER WORKERS?? Also, I personally don't find the sauce any good. The sauces provided at lok lok trucks are more to my liking. But of course, this is just my personal opinion.

For those who haven't try it, go ahead and try it. It's worth the try. You'll enjoy it if you don't mind the stressful condition. 

Also, Happy Valentine's in advance! I received my Valentine's gift today and is totally head over heels right now. Please share your Valentine plans and ideas with me because I'm not exactly the most creative or romantic person around. Just good at demanding for creativity and romance.

So please! SHARE YOUR VALENTINE IDEAS!!! What do you want for Valentine's? What is the perfect gift for your other half? If you're single, how do you celebrate the day? What are your expectations for the day? Your other half probably doesn't read my blog so it's okay to tell. If you're single, no worries. Single on Valentine's is awesome. More chocolates for self! Wee!

There is a comment button below if you haven't realize... I don't eat people you know.. I don't know why people refuse to comment after reading T___T

Am I that scary??!

Here, have a cat picture to lessen your fear.



  1. Awww. I want to eat satay celup too! feel freee to visit my blog too ya!

  2. Try it when you go Melaka but be prepared to get messy! :) Sure, thanks!


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