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Went for a quick trip to Singapore last weekend with the boyfriend's family and today this post is on Universal Studio. It was unplanned actually, we just decided to go in when our bus stopped for a couple of hours break at Resorts World Sentosa, before we even reach our hotel. Therefore, I was in my comfortable clothes meant for sleeping in the bus. So excuse me for not looking better in pictures! Heh.

With my bff, Marilyn. 

and now it's time for some rides!

Happy girl.

Madagascar ride, just a warm up. Not much of a roller coaster, more like a slow ride that shows you around in a dark tunnel of Madagascar. Excitement level: 1/10

In line for another ride! While waiting, we took some snaps and what I'm about to do with the next picture.... 9-Gaggers will get it.  

Sorry couldn't help it hahahahha. Am I doing it right? Errrrrrr. OK MOVING ON!

Another ride, just a junior roller coaster so it wasn't very scary. Ride was super quick though, felt like 20 seconds. Excitement level: 2/10

I'm at Far Far Away land aka Shrek land, where all your fairytale comes true. 

I. FREAKING. LOVE. JURASSIC. PARK. The song anyway, I love the Jurassic Park song, singing it I mean. And not just any singing, but the Jenna Marbles way of singing it.

Like so. Go to 1:35 for the awesome song.

By the time we got out of the park, boyfriend was singing along with me as well. Weee!

STORY TIME!: So we went for this 'thrilling river raft ride' and apparently the notices stated that we will get wet and might get soaked. They had rain ponchos renting at $3 per piece at the entrance. But...... being the kiamsiaps and nonbelievers we are, we refused to rent those ponchos -___- 30% of the crowd weren't in ponchos anyway and we saw several people who didn't get wet after getting off the ride.

Happily, we went for the ride without the rain ponchos. Annnnnnnd... yes. We got SOAKING WET. As in I looked as if I just stepped out of the shower kind of wet. Seriously don't know why we so suay la! There were 3 others without ponchos in the same raft as us but they got off dry! T____T Anyway excitement level: 5/10 a refreshing ride but probably not worth the long queue.

They placed a clothing store right at the exit of the ride and yes I went and bought a new shirt. Once we got out of the shop, before we even found a rest room to change in, we spotted mother effing 'DRY PODS'. Which is basically a cubicle that has dryer installed all over inside. Annnnnnnd yes, we went for the dry pods.

Dry pod ($5) + new shirt ($30) = $35 spent to dry self. That's 11 times the amount of the bloody rain poncho. Sigh. Well played, Universal Studio, well played.

Lunch time! Time to con tourists' money T__T 1901 hotdogs taste better than what I was having for a quarter of the price.

And the parade begins!

Not as large scale and awesome like Disneyland's ones but definitely did the job!

Okay I'm scarred for life. Their epic expressions are stuck in my head till this very moment.

Madagascar! I never really liked the movie to be honest, but they're cute.

Anyway, we didn't stay to watch the parade. Took the opportunity to RIDE ALL THE RIDES! instead since most of the rides are empty thanks to the parade. An extreme roller coaster in a dark tunnel became a love tunnel ride instead. Because we were the only ones on the ride. It was called 'The Revenge of the Mummy' and since no one was riding with us I kept yelling "Where's Anck Su Namun!"... Don't ask me why.

But probably because she was hot in the Mummy movies.

Excitement level: 6/10

Boyfriend was super excited for the next roller coaster ride and I wasn't about to join him. I mean, I didn't even go for Genting's Corkscrew roller coaster before. Space shots, okay. Super extreme roller coasters, no.

Arguably the world's biggest dueling roller coasters (being the world's tallest, at approximately 144 feet high), Battlestar Galactica takes its riders on an exciting journey like no others in this planet. Riders choose their own side, be it the HUMAN (red track, no inversions, more G-force) or the CYLON (blue track, inverted, 5 inversions). During the 90-second ride, fighters will experience near-miss(es).
Located in the Sci-Fi City of Universal Studios Singapore, Battlestar Galactica is the iconic attraction of the park, attracting both family riders and thrill-seekers.

Here's the link if you want to see it in action:

I didn't ride that but just by looking at it, I would say.. Excitement level: 10/10

And then we went for the famous Transformers Ride. Same concept with the Amazing Spiderman ride in Universal Studios Orlando. Oh how do I describe the Tranformers Ride. 2 words? MOTHEREFFING AMAZING. Excitement level: 10/10 for sure

I am The Thinker. 

Our day here is done!

Okay and here's me looking creepy with a packet of Garrett. It's the best popcorn, agree? 

Took a cab back to our hotel and we were pretty beat by the then.

I seriously wonder, has anyone ever washed their faces there?? 

FYI: It's for washing your butt.

Next up, wedding night!


  1. Why does it look so empty? I remember that I don't even get to take a nice shot of the Globe because there's so many people T__T

  2. There were many people! Haha but thanks to patience, angle and timing the globe shot turned out nice :)

  3. omg...Wtf with the 9-gag....i laugh non-stop

  4. with the 9-gag....i laugh non stop...muahahah

  5. Hahaha wtf right. The fellow staring straight at my camera so I fast fast take the opportunity to do such thing lo :P


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