Valentine 2012

On Valentine's morning, I drove myself to class for the first time this year. If you haven't already known, I hate driving to college.. Traffic jam, parking problems and what not. But on that morning I had something planned so I had to drive myself.

Went and got these after class! Macarons and flowers for my loves. 

But of course, that was not all. My main motive was to go grocery shopping. Okay this is embarrassing but even though I'm now almost 20 I still don't know how to cook. So I went through plenty of recipes to get some ideas on what to prepare and in the end I've decided to make the simplest breakfast, keeping it safe. Nobody wants a burned down kitchen on Valentine's.

Valentine's breakfast! Mini BLT sandwiches, aren't they adorable??

Very simple to make! But still took me hours because that's my standard kitchen time. Here's what you need:

French toast, cut into small pieces.

Bacons and cheese sausages, cut into mini pieces as well.

Tomatoes and lettuces.

Put them together and there you have your very own mini BLT sandwiches! Serve with chilled orange juice and a bouquet of flowers. Breakfast of love!

My Valentine gift from him. 

Thus this Valentine I had to be the organizer of the day. Now that morning part is done, we still have afternoon and evening to go! Actually I cheated because my 'breakfast' is served around 1pm, which is our standard breakfast time. So.. I only had to plan the evening part.

Headed out early for dinner. Traffic was unusually congested, probably because everyone was eating out too.

Wanted to wear heels to match my dress but opted for comfort instead. These days I feel I've become auntie-r... So lazy to dress up and make up!

Dinner was at Jogoya. Sorry no candlelight dinner, we don't do steaks.

Jogoya only mean one thing to me, free flow of Haagen Dazs and other desserts~! Jogoya also partnered with other franchises such as NZ Naturals and Macoto Tea.

Red wine for the occasion.

Anyway, the amount of couples dining out for the night is too damn high! But it was a good feeling to see so many lovebirds flocking around. We were having fun counting couples in couple shirts.

Awkward couple picture. The more I look at it the more awkward it gets. This is what I get when I ask him to hold the camera for a change =___=

Since we passed by the entrance of Pavilion which is still filled with bear statues... WE DECIDED TO FOLLOW THE CROWD AND TAKE TOURIST PICTURES WITH THE BEARS!!!! WEEE!

This is my favorite bear, the US one. Bear of Liberty lol!

Err this is not his favorite but since it was just right next to mine, I forced him to take a picture with it. Union Jack bear weeeee!

Happy girl :)

Marry me!

No, marry ME!

There's nothing really special about Valentine's anymore. There is nothing else we can do. We see each other 90% of the time. For real, we're only apart for one or two days a week. We always eat out, so eating out is just another daily routine (except this time I wore a dress and took more pictures). As much as I like surprises, it's really difficult to surprise me as I have unrealistically high expectations when it comes to surprises. Gifts and flowers aren't surprises. Hot air balloons and a restaurant musicals are. And trust me, he's a complete opposite, not really the kind that is full of surprises nor romantic. So I kind of accepted that fact and embraced the practical way. T___T Been a long time since I got truly surprised.

But I'm not complaining. I know this is already way better than starving African kids and blablablablabla I love world peace rant. Just trying to say that I'm contented and happy this way, but I wouldn't mind some extra effort and something out of the box.

Single or taken, hope you had a great Valentine's!


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