This is very backdated but I suppose I still must mention! As you guys probably realized, I've been taking part in contests and campaigns not very long ago and very buay paiseh-ly asked for your votes. Some of you even took the trouble to ask me about the results! So here it is:

Sloggi Girls' Night:

(This Youtube video actually has one hater comment HAHAHA. Feel so honored leh someone purposely created an anonymous Youtube account just to hate on my video LOL.)

Yes you guys sure did enjoy the lingerie action eh! Hahahaha. Thank you for your votes and support but I'm not the grand winner. But I still consider myself a winner because you all were so supportive T____T Okay the real winner was Cheesie and she absolutely deserves it because she's so pretty and awesome! Okay I sound so boot-licker ish but what to do she's one of my favorite blogger also what! :P


SiDC Film:

I didn't know this was a contest to be honest so I didn't campaign for votes -___- But surprisingly I was still one of the Top10!! HUAHUAHUA I was seriously shocked by this one but thank you all the same. Also major thanks to Sherry for doing the edits for this video!


Maybelline Favorite Blogger:

I WON I WON I WON!!!! First prize for this one and yes I campaigned a lot for this one hurhurhur. Thank you so much for all your votes and support! Come find me and I'll give you a Maybelline product! Hahahaha. No seriously. Thankyou!


And about me being a lousy blogger for not updating for some time.... T_____T

I'm just on a vacation right now.

JUST KIDDING! I'M NOT! I wish I am on a vacation though! Instead I'm just here buried in a pile of college work! Wooooo same old invalid excuse.

SORRY WILL TRY TO UPDATE ASAP. Don't hate on me with an anonymous Blogger account ya ;)

Here's an Instagram picture of me to soothe your impatient-ness.


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