Prada + LG + Celcom = Perfection

Friday nights are always fun and happening but last Friday night was one of the best. So what went down last Friday night?

I was hanging at The Rooftop, G Tower hotel to witness...

the launch of this baby. Oh you must be wondering what is this sleek and pretty looking thing. 

Here's a clue. 

It is the launch of the Prada phone by LG 3.0 by Celcom! I can't get my eyes off this baby! How can this be a phone?? It's more like a fashion accessory, that works as a phone too!

Here's me posing on the blue carpet with the star of the night, the Prada phone by LG 3.0. I don't even need a glamorous clutch to complete my 'blue carpet' look, this baby is a perfect substitute, one wouldn't even notice the difference!

Celcom's Chief Marketing Officer with a small fraction of the beautiful models of the night. I think my eyes got diabetes from the night, with so many eye candies around and all. By eye candies I mean both the models and the PRADA PHONES!!

And then there's the food. Ooooooh food glorious food. I spammed myself with desserts. More than enough to keep me happy for the night!

Also, great company for the night! Here's myself with Jamie, Ming and Cindy.

Another one with Ming, Jane, Jamie and Ashley.

Great to see you again, Jamie. And right before you leave to Korea nonetheless. Take care!

Not my best look here but Ming looks absolutely gorgeous! Wear blue and people might mistaken you for a Celcom x LG Prada model!

Also, the man behind the lens, Joseph! Who patiently helped us take endless pictures for the night, well you know how picky us girls can be when it comes to pictures... and everything else.

So yes, like I said, good food + great company = awesome night. Phew! And I really fell in love with the Prada phone too!

One Prada for me please!

If you're with me, and really want a beautiful phone like the Prada phone by LG 3.0, you can! Make it yours now, only at Celcom!

Affordable but great Celcom plans to match your beautiful Prada phone. You got to have the best coverage to match the best looking phone!

And of course, with Celcom plans, the phone is much cheaper too! I can haz Prada, you can haz Prada, we can all has Prada now! Want to haz more Prada? Be the 1st 100 people to get this phone from selected Blue Cube outlets and receive an exclusive PRADA Bluetooth from Celcom. MORE PRADA PLEASE!

If you want more details on the phone and plans, just visit:

 Fashionistas can now be tech geeks too! Or is it the other way round? 



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