Pukes Rainbows

Mc Cafe in Malaysia!!!!!! ............. I wish.

Why is it not here yet? Why why why? BRING IT HERE!!!!!! 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a waste of 15 seconds of your life, reading my pointless rant (if you consider 2 sentences enough for a rant). But seriously, when only will Mc Cafe come to Malaysia?? It's been a while! I'm just eagerly waiting for my sugary breakfast treats from Mc Cafe.

Tea time.

Hummingbirds Cafe. Yes that's a rainbow cake.

And exactly what would happen if I throw up after meal. Omg this "Puking Rainbows" meme is encouraging bulimia. 

DON'T. BE. BULIMIC!!! It gives you a weird unproportional figure and YOU. WILL. DIE!!! Yes you will! Say no to eating disorder.

Sorry for linking a beautiful rainbow cake to a disgusting eating disorder but my mind works like that. WHAT. I'm a female species. We kind of think a lot. Of unnecessary stuffs.

Okay that's all for today's ramblings! See you guys soon.


Err.... Yes?


Also, Alexander Ludwig is hot as fck.
(See how I cleverly selected a picture of him and Skyrim? Oh god them together is beyond perfection.)


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