Vain post (make up products)

I try not to put on make up all the time to allow my skin to breathe. On a daily basis, my day make up means concealer, powder, blush and brows. Sometimes I throw in eyeliner as a treat.

Here are some of the products I use/recommend. Actually no I don't use those everyday but they're the only make up products I took pictures of when I just purchased them so they look sparkly and nice -__- So I'll just clarify first that the products I use most as mentioned previously. Maybelline for concealer and blush, Nu Skin for powder and brows.

Crayon jumbo liner by Sephora in brown. Because I'm sick of black liners and brown liners are more day appropriate. And this one has a thick tip so it makes application easier (for my case it does). Also, when it says 12-hour wear, it means 12-hour wear. Stays on the whole day, no smudge!

Lid Nude by Pop. When it comes to eye shadows I swear by matte colors. More versatility and looks way more natural, especially earthy colors.

I don't usually use eye shadows, I use them only on occasions when I feel more hiao. Anyway I used this palette a couple of times and then it went missing -___- But I really love the colors in the palette, will get it again if I decide that Naked II by Urban Decay has too many shimmery colors.

Cream highlighter by Urban Decay in Wicked. Only got this because High Beam by Benefit was out of stock.  Totally bought it in a shade too dark for me -____- 

Frankly I don't really fancy cream highlighters because they tend to make my face look oily. Most of the time if I need to highlight I just use matte eye shadow. But 90%  of the time I don't highlight at all because I'm lazy like that.

Here's one of the times that I used this UB highlighter. IKR, my nose looks like it's producing oil but really it's not. Not that much anyway.  Here I used the brown crayon liner too.

This is totally a lazy post because I happen to stumble upon those pictures I took some time ago. So... might as well grab the opportunity to write this vain post.

Okay someone just rang the doorbell bye! (I was expecting that doorbell so this post was done in the rushest rush lol. Sorry if I was blabbering and did not make sense)


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