Wedding February (Sg Pt. 2)

Pretty sure the 'March' in 'Wedding March' is not referring to the month March but I'm going to substitute it with another month in the title. And pray that it makes sense. Wee! 

So this is actually the main purpose of our Singapore trip, to attend his cousin's wedding.

Make up check.

All set!

All the young and pretty ladies! Far right is his mom o.O YES I KNOW! If I didn't tell you you wouldn't even have guessed.

Okay, the last time I wore this dress I was way thinner than what I am now T____T I cannot accept it..... T__________T

2 years ago. The dress wasn't tight at all! But now.....  

With the sweet sisters.

Another comparison. Sighhhh...

With the other fatty.

Bride and groom! Super lovely.

Weddings just have this warm and fuzzy effect on me. Awww.

Dishes of the night. Mmmmm yum yum yum.

Little wedding gifts.

And that's the end of this wedding post. I'm not very good at words when it comes to weddings. Well anyway, another belated picture I'd like to show you here:

Weeee! My iPhone and MBP now. That's not a pink cover or sticker on my iPhone, it's an actual housing! Changed my boring black housing to a pink one. Many other colors available! Only at



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