Hunger Games Tutorial

I'm a little slow but I caught the Hunger Games fever. Watched the movie last week or so and immediately bought the entire book series. Read all 3 books in a day. Yes A DAY, within 24 hours! Because it was so captivating and addictive. 

Fell into a depression straight after though because I just couldn't accept the fact that the entire thing is fiction and Peeta Mellark is a fictional character. T______T #teampeeta 

Before I go on elaborating my obsession with Peeta Mellark I shall now show you how I did my hair. The famous Katniss Everdeen braid and her makeup.

Here's the full video tutorial I put together just today. It helped me calm myself down for a bit and eased my depression a little. So yes, enjoy and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Now back to my obsession! Peeta Mellark was played by Josh Hutcherson in the movie. This made me fall in love with Peeta/Josh even more. Loved Josh since forever when he was a kid actor (okay pedophile much). He was the kid actor in Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia etc etc etc etc omg Josh why are you so awesome T____T

Omfg Peeta/Josh!!! *fangirl mode on*

He's my sexgod from now on (´ε` )♡

The character Peeta Mellark is everything I look for in a man, humble, loving, good natured, charming, good with words, willingness to sacrifice and if I could write several more paragraphs to describe Peeta but I'll spare you for now.

How serious was my depression after realizing the fact that Peeta Mellark is fictional and I'll never have him as my soulmate? I cried. Every random hour of the day I just burst into tears, in front of my boyfriend no less hahahahhaha oops. This is every guys' worst nightmare, their girlfriends obsessing over a fictional character/celebrity crush. (I can even hear you gentlemen going "Tell me about it" from here)
Oh but Peeta Mellark (´ ▽`).。o♡

That jaw! That lips! That eyes! OH NOOOOOOOO I'm going to be depressed again now.

Anyone on the same boat as me? Anyone read the entire series yet? Anyone? Anyone wants to fall into depression with me? Anyone??? 



  1. I might just buy/download the remaining books (2 and 3) cause ive watched the movie because of this post. Haha! Love it :p

  2. Yes you should get the entire series! Won't regret for sure :)


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