Popcorn!, at Publika last weekend.

I swear I overuse this outfit picture so much that I won't be able to wear this in public again without people making remarks on the outfit.


Baby Chelle and Mon paid a visit!

Not to forget the highlight of the day, An Honest Mistake's performance!

And today for once I'm not going to complain about my workload because I'm finally on my sem break woohoo! But it's probably the shortest sem break you'll ever see. 2 weeks T____T

It's okay! 2 weeks is good enough for me. More updates for the upcoming weeks!


  1. arghhh sucks tht we didnt get to meet that day. Sigh =(

  2. It's alright! Must hv been a hectic day for you! Did watch your performance though, great job :) Got AHM's cd too!


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