How not to raise pets

Just the other day Yuki came across my mind. Yuki was the first dog I own and I had to give her away when I shifted house. Even at this very moment I feel very regretful and sad to have to give it away. 

But then I looked back further into my memories of pets and realized that I never really did have a happy ending with all of them.

Let's start with the first pets I own.

1) They were quails. Yes you heard me right, quails were my first pets. They were cool, real quiet and easy to manage. I even get quail eggs to eat occasionally.

My matching pair of quails by the name of Richard and Grace (I got their names from an English dictionary. Thought those names sounded sophisticated back then.) ran away from home.

"Hello Richard!"
"Oh hello Grace! Any eggs today?"

2) Moving on. I had many different chicks as pets after that. My grandma rears chickens so I had easy access HAHAHA. But I tend to give them back to her once they become big. Chickens are ... not very pretty but chicks are adorable. 

Anyway, one time, two of my many chicks got eaten by a cat. I woke up to blood n feathers on my porch. I think I fell into a depression after that.


3) Remember there was a time back then when almost everyone rears flower horn fishes? I single handedly murdered my baby flower horn fish. Not intentionally of course. I was trying to scoop something out of the water and I used an aerosol spray's cap to do so. By the time I realized that was a stupid move it was already too late. Traumatizing.

To die from aerosol spray's cap poisoning. That's something.

4) Finally... The saddest point in my pet history. My favorite rooster(which was honestly more like a dog to me) drowned in my grandmother's pool. His name was Chicky. Chicky was the best. He acted like a dog, he did. We used to do gardening together. He would be searching for earthworms while my mom and I did our stuffs.

So I now what you're thinking. What in the world? Pet rooster that acted like a dog.

Chicky wasn't just any rooster. Regular roosters are ugly. At that time my uncle was very into rooster pageants. I got Chicky from him and raised him from baby.
Okay this is the closest google pic I can find. Except Chicky was brown, not like gross spotty brown but a really handsome shade of mocha brown. And he also has less of those gross red thingies on his face.

When I was searching for pics of Chicky's rooster breed I came across too many pics of cooked versions of them. (I don't know what the breed is called in English but in Chinese it is 玲珑鸡.)

Like this. Fml so depressing. How could anyone eat those! Well I'm a chicken eater myself but this is one breed I wouldn't eat because it reminds me of Chicky.

Look I even found cooked quails too. I'm not too upset about them because Richard and Grace, well, let's just say they weren't really "dog-ish".

Anyway, Chicky drowned by accident and my whole family was really sad about it for some time.

Sighs. These stories may be quite amusing but they really break my heart.

Well, now that I have Jingle and Nom Nom, I'll make sure that they get the happy endings they deserve! I'll make sure to leave aerosol spray caps out of this.


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