My Little Helper (2)

Hello! So you must have met my little helper by now!

It is little indeed! Just look at the measurements.

Here's how it looks like next to my 13 inch laptop. Small, I know.

Only requires at most 2 cables, say yes to clutter free!

And here's the best feature of this little baby, the "One Touch Screen Print". You know how it's a hassle when you need to click this click that just to print a simple thing? Well, I no longer have that problem!

The ML-2160's Print Screen button – the one on top of the power button – lets you print the contents from your screen, quickly and easily. With just one click, there’s no more extra editing or cropping of unwanted content-clutter from original webpages or documents. Print anything, anytime, in a blink of the eye!

Would you just look at the stunning 1200 x 1200 dpi clarity produced by this baby. Everything looks better with high resolution these days especially important print-outs. Time to impress with sharp presentations and reports!

Alright that's all for now. I have more documents to print! Next time I'll show you my little baby live in action!


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