Ochado's Mille Crepe

Leen came back and we met up again! 

By 'we'  I meant the four of us here hahaha.

Since most of us have not been to Paradigm Mall, we decided to check it out and have dinner there. In my opinion, the choices of shops there aren't too bad. I just didn't quite like the design of the mall's interior, it made shopping quite a tedious process. I don't know if it's just me and my claustrophobia but the limited cramped up space in Paradigm Mall is quite the bother.

Anyway, after dinner we were attracted by this sign board in front of Ochado Signature and decided to go for it! The mille crepe I mean, not the signboard.

Oh yummers! Quite satisfying but not as good as Nadeje of course. Speaking of Nadeje I still can't get over the fact that I gobbled up half of a whole cake last week. I think I can still feel the aftereffects now.

Desmond wants to say hello!

"I'm fabulous, bitches!"

Here's Edward's group picture turned self portrait.

And here's a girl who gets excited over straws and teas.

Leno and Eddie!

+ me!!! Weeee~


That's all folks! I super semangat to upload those pictures because the lighting was pretty! 


  1. Should also go try Chocolate Mille Crepe =)


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