Phone of the year!

We all know what it is! So altogether now, the phone of the year is obviously the..

Samsung GALAXY SIII! Do you want it? Of course you do! Everyone wants it!

In case you forget why you should want the Samsung GALAXY SIII, here's a brief refresher.

1. It is the new breed of smart. How smart? I don't know, smarter than me probably.
2. 8MP camera. Camwhores rejoice!
3. Wide 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display 
4. Powerful Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh yes, all in this tiny and sleek little beauty. (the phone I mean, definitely the phone.)

So what if I told you that the Samsung GALAXY SIII can be yours from as low as RM 1,398? RM 1,398 leh you heard me right! The normal retail price is RM 2, 199 so it's like a super value! All the extra money you save can buy you like.. a couple of really awesome sneakers, grand dinner for your entire family, 800 roti canai, or even 16, 000 candies! 16, 000 candies leh you don't want meh!

Alright so where do you get this beauty with brains for as low as RM 1, 398??

At Malaysia's best network Celcom of course! Check out the plans they offer here:

Bring out the best in your Samsung GALAXY SIII with the network with the widest coverage, best network quality and richest web experience.

Need I say more? Now, go run run run to the nearest Celcom Branch or Blue Cube now. Meanwhile, get more information about Celcom packages at


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