S.O.X. Boom 2012!

Lovely cheerleaders 

Mindblowing percussions 

Heartdropping final countdown moments 

Yes it is the grand finale of S.O.X. 2012! The best drum, dance and hoops, all 3 major events in a day! Were you there? Because I was definitely there! Wouldn’t want to miss out on such a happening event! 

Line-ups of the day. So much to look forward to! 

Couldn’t resist wearing my old cheer skirt to match the occasion! 

The day started off with some hoops action. 

The competition was fierce, top basketball teams from all over Malaysia were giving it their best! 

Cheer teams were also in top forms! 

No matter boys or girls teams, they have some moves that you wish you have! 

Drumlines looking smart! 

Drum battles really take your heart on a roller coaster ride with them. So much attitude! 

Surprise surprise! On a hot day like this, what’s not to love about a Starbucks Chill Patrol? 

After several performances by invited guests such as Mizz Nina and others, the moment of truth is finally here. 

Contestants, finger crossed and hoping for the best. 

The judges have spoken. 








After all that teamwork, effort, talent and sweat, it has finally come to this! Here are your champions for S.O.X. 2012 Grand Finale. Are you ready? Let’s have another drumroll. 







And the champions are.. 

Vulcanz All-Girls

Chung Hua Drumline

SMK Durian Tunggal 

Congratulations to all winners and contestants! Great show by all. What a wonderful day it was! 

I’m especially proud of Vulcanz All-Girls for being champions for S.O.X. 2 years in a row! (last year’s post HERE)

Here's a video of the champions' performance!

Haven’t had enough fun yet? No fret guys as it is not over yet!! You can still vote for S.O.X. Fan Favs till 22nd June so keep on voting at http://xpax.com.my/sox2012.php! So make sure you cast your vote for your favorite teams now! 

We voted! Have you? 

(some pictures are courtesy of Esther and Walter, 2 wonderful cheerleaders!)


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