Sleep, soldier, sleep

Hi! Here's me attempting a cheat post by using Instagram pictures.

Ah yes.. the rare outfit picture. Haven't been taking those in a while because I hardly put effort into dressing up lately. This one was taken during one of the time I prettified myself after deciding to go out for leisure. But after that it rained heavily, super heavily with thunders lightnings and what not, so I stayed home and be sad :(

Ah yes, this. This is oh so very true. I'm now currently deprived of social life but am seeing a great improve in grades. As for sleep, I don't think I can ever give that up.

Well the soldier finally rests, for the moment. I'm finally having a one week study break and boy am I grateful for it after all that I've been through for the past few weeks. I'll see what I can do this week, it's so rare to have a break so I'm going to seize the week. 

On the side note, I'm still having Ghibli fever and it is beginning to turn me into a jigsaw puzzle collector. 

Here's the first piece that I did.

and second.

More to come yes? I think I fell in love with the process of putting jigsaw puzzle back together. It's somehow therapeutical to me and darn am I good at it. Takes me only one day to put together a 1000piece. *flips hair*


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