The Hungry Hog

Apologies to my Muslim friends if you have to see this during puasa time and in addition to that this is a tidak halal food post. (ノ´д`)

One day, two hungry hogs went for a quick dinner at where else if not The Hungry Hog, SS15.

Hungry Hog #1 ordered a Bacon Pasta.

Very similar to the generic aglio olio, this is served with olive oil, garlic and chili padi. But of course, we musn't forget the main character here, juicy bacon bits! The spicy-ness and oily-ness is just right, yum!

Hungry Hog #2 ordered the signature Three Little Pigs burger. 

Pork patty, streaky bacon and ham, the combo that totally killed it! Absolutely love the caramelized onions in this too. I'd say this deserved a triple thumbs up!

Out of curiosity, I ordered a Bacon Ice Cream. I know right. I was wondering how that would taste too. Embedded in the vanilla ice cream are candied bacon bits. They were crunchy like nuts at first but then eventually became bacon chewy kind of thing. You know those kind of burnt edges on your bacon? Similar. Kind of wished they weren't in the ice cream though, gets kind of annoying towards the end. What made me really happy was the drizzle of honey. Honey and vanilla ice cream are such great combo! Didn't know that.

You know what I need now judging by the sound made by my insatiable stomach? Another visit to The Hungry Hog.


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