August Reads

Some books I got this month that I'd like to highlight on.

Ladies! This is one you must not miss. Especially if you adore Ms Hepburn and wish to be elegant, poise and strong like her. This book speaks of her life before, during and after her acting career as well as her personal life. It's really inspiring and encourages you to be the lady Audrey was. Well not that anyone can be the next Audrey, but it certainly helps you to be organized and feel empowered about yourself and your life. Though it seems like another boring biography book, it's really a lifestyle guide in disguise. Life lessons and fashion advice included, oversized sunglasses not included.

Sometimes you just need a self help/enrichment book to make yourself feel better. That's always the case with me but when I go to that particular section in a bookstore I often feel... overwhelmed, suffocated, indecisive.. due to the amount of choices they have. What's worse, the titles are all almost similar. "How to be Happy", "100 ways to be Happy", "Positive way of Life", "Positive Thinking" etc etc. In the end, this caught my eye and after giving it a few flips, I knew I must have it. This covers many subjects including happiness, motivation, persuasion, creative thinking, stress etc. So it basically sums up every book on that 'Self Help/Enrichment' shelf. And it's really great because it's not complicated like most of the other books out there, and everything is evidence supported! Really simple but effective tips too. Like, if you want to be creative in a meeting, gently lean forward and lean against the table. If you want to know why, read the book.

This title has caught my eye for some time. Just got it yesterday and read through the first chapter. Not bad really, the author is a professional interrogator. I like this kind of things, you know, all detective and mindreader-like. That's why I love watching Detective Conan, CSI, Criminal Minds and Forensic Heroes. Who knew huh?

Haven't even unwrap this yet but hey! It's hot pink!

As for fiction, I'm reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes though I kind of lost the book somewhere. Still looking for it but thank god I'm not in the middle of an unsolved mystery or the suspense may just kill me.

And of course, since classes have started. I've got to include some of these in my reading list as well.

What are you reading and do you have any good reads to recommend? I love books. I love reading. I love the smell of books. In fact I love all these so much that spending time and money in a bookstore is therapeutic for me. 



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