I'm a walking hotspot!

Chilling in the car, watching Lee Chong Wei online on a HUAWEI MediaPad using my own personal portable WiFi connection from the all new Celcom PortaWiFi.

Sounds so cool right! So what is this portable WiFi connection aka Celcom PortaWiFi? It is exactly what it's named after, a portable WiFi!

Best part is not only does it act as a USB dongle to be directly connected to your laptop, but it can also be used with a 3-pin plug and a car. So no matter you're at home, on the go or on the road, this PortaWiFi baby gives you WiFi with great coverage and speed!

Just imagine what you can be with it. A walking internet hotspot! Hah! (I'll so totally charge a RM5 fee to those that walks up to me and asks for my WiFi password) Say goodbye to overpriced hotel internet access and boring road trips! No more relying on slow public WiFi! Possibilities are endless.

Celcom PortaWiFi is launched by plugging in a giant PortaWiFi into a simulated 'car'!

Here it is in real life action!

See! Easy access to internet just by connecting to PortaWiFi in the car.

Ah, I can already imagine how everyone will now rejoice to the thought of a long road trip back to their hometowns during holiday season. So if you want to be one of those happy people, check out the deals offered by Celcom below.

PortaWiFi + Celcom First Data
Celcom First Data Basic
Celcom First Data Advance
Celcom First Data Pro
Monthly Payment
Data Volume
Device Price
Perceived Price to customer (exact price customer has to pay after special rebate – maybe can use other friendlier terms than perceived price)
Upfront Payment
RM159 (Additional RM40 for new registration)
Special Rebate
RM10 x 12 months
RM12 x 12 months
RM15 x 12 months
Up to 21Mbps

·       Valid with 12-month contract.
·       Early termination penalty fee of RM200 applies.
·       Total upfront payment for new registration is RM199 (RM159 + RM40).
·       Maybe should follow the T&C in online page for uniformity?

Such low fees with monthly rebate to boot! Definitely worth it for the high speed up to 21Mbps and the instant internet access wherever you may be.

For more info, head on to celcom.com.my 


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