My favorite things (Room tour)

Pink English rose and the color white. My favorite combination.

And above is a picture of a small corner of my room. I had my room redesigned and rearranged lately. Probably because I had it with the messiness and the pink walls. For some reason the pink walls I had in my room were getting on my nerves.

This is how my room kind of looks like now. I had the walls painted purple. Though in real life it's more of an indigo color. The white woods are wallpapers.

This is my bed. I shrink myself at night to fit into this. Haha no, it's a sofa bed. I just changed my old bed to this recently because I hardly ever sleep here. Plus, my room has pretty limited space so I thought it'd be wise to use this to gain some space in the day. But I'm kind of regretting it now after day in day out of transforming this thing.

If a fire was to break out and I could only take one thing with me it'd be this cabinet (with all the things inside) (ц`ω´ц*) because inside this is everything I love.

First of all, my favorite books. I specially handpicked them out from my book cabinet and placed them in this 'cabinet of love'. (Aren't you glad I didn't include the Twilight series in my favorite books? Or the Fifty Shades series. They're currently lying deep inside my book cabinet, never to be exposed to light ever again.) These are just a fraction of my favorite books, the rest I couldn't stuff them in because after all, this is not suppose to be a book cabinet for me.

Of course, when speaking of things I love, Studio Ghibli is definitely in the top ranks. Here are some Ghibli DVD and CD, the rest are lying near the PS3 somewhere. I'm going to decorate my wall with Ghibli artwork (more like the 1500pc puzzle I've done) soon.

Uhurhur I love My Little Pony. I'm looking for more of the classic types (the bigger ones at the back) but it's pretty difficult to find those nowadays. If you happen to come across those, do let me know!

Part of this cabinet becomes a space for some of the shoes I hardly wear. But what I really love is the potted plants stickers uhurhurhur.

Here's a full length mirror for camwhore purposes.

Valet stand and clothes rack to accommodate the extra clothes that can't be squeezed into my wardrobe.

More potted plants stickers on the mirror of my dressing room!

That's what I've done to my room so far. I have a couple of Hepburn portraits to be framed and hanged up along with the Ghibli ones. Perhaps I'll throw in a fluffy rug and some other small stuffs too. But for now this will do!

This is not that much related but they're the things I love too! My cute little passport covers.

That's all for now, signing off with my favorite cover of 'My Favorite Things'.


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