Redang Island

We were the last two to get on the plane again. Almost missed it by a minute. Literally, a minute. Made it nonetheless, with plenty of running and a little help from a sympathizing buggy driver. Oh man that moment was awesome, us sitting on a buggy swooshing past everyone else like we're mother effing VIPS. More like VLPs, very late person's.

Anyway, it was a short flight to Kuala Terengganu. We then took a boat transfer from Merang Jetty to .... okay no point keeping it a mystery, everyone knows what is it. Redang Island.

Boat ride! I love that feeling!

Bet he does too.

Just some tiny blobs of earth we passed by.

Upon reaching the island, we were greeted by this tractor. Which was our luggage transporter. Really amusing and how very creative! Hahaha! Just don't bring your LV luggage there.

Our itinerary. Basically it's eat, snorkel, eat, snorkel, eat, eat, sleep.

Here's where we were staying at!

Cosy little place. More like a temporary home than a hotel really. Once stepped in, we were like "Who the hell is that hanging on our wall!?"

And.. it's Richie Jen. Probably from his visit during the filming of "Summer Holiday".

This is the view from our little villa! Ooolala, definitely miss waking up to this.

After settling down and lunch, we went for our first snorkeling on this trip. Didn't carry my camera for this one but stay tuned for the next post for snorkeling pictures!

What we did afterwards was exploring the area. The villa we were staying in was located at the edge of the beach, so there were plenty of rocks and stuff.

And tiny islands nearby!

Okay now this tiny island is mine. *keeps in pocket*

Chilling with coconuts.

And chilled beer! 

And we bird watched, who would have thought. This bird which looks a lot like an African Darter (I googled black sea bird fish eater, I'm no bird expert) or a black heron of some sort, was catching little fishes. Lots of them swimming around. (OKAY I CAN NOW CONFIRM IT'S A BLACK HERON)

I've no idea why I just blabbered on and on about bird species. Pardon me.

Alright that's it for now. Back to sorting pictures. Will re-update this post in a bit.

Toodles! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


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