Redang pt 2

Good morning! 

Spot the little fellow lurking around outside our villa.

Many times I felt the urge to just climb down the rocks into the water since it's just right outside our door. But well, you know what they say, never underestimate the great sea.

We went on several snorkeling trips at different islands/beaches each time. Snorkeling at Redang was great but not as great as it used to be. For starters, 90% of the corals are dead. 


I was looking forward to see colorful corals. But good thing is there are plenty of fishes including the ever so famous Nemo aka clownfish. Didn't manage to find a baby shark though.

I couldn't find an underwater casing for my camera so there are no underwater shots T______T

You can see the bottom of the sea from here.

Big smile for the happy time spent out at the sea.

On the floating jetty.

Later in the evening we went back to our beach and looked for activities. Expected some water sports like motorboat or banana boat. We found none of these of course, but!!!!! We found a water bike? Which I guess qualifies as a less extreme form of water sports?

I wasn't thrilled. I can't stand any form of biking or exercise T___T #notimpressed

The boy was much happier. In fact, he was the one that made me do it after pestering me a few times.


There wasn't much to do at Redang, unless you include chilling and relaxing. Which was exactly what I wanted to do. The moment when I was reading my favorite book accompanied by ocean waves and a drink, that moment is one of my favorites.

I'm glad I went on this trip to Redang. The crystal blue water and smooth white sand combination does not disappoint.

Gosh I sound like I'm writing a primary school essay.

At Terengganu airport, returning home. You can see that my tan is kicking in already from this picture. And yes, this trip left me tanned again. My melanin pigments are ever so active.

Anyway we waited 6 hours at the airport. Silly boy bought evening flight... so.... we had no choice but to wait there from noon. I wouldn't mind so much if it was KLIA or even LCCT. But this Terengganu airport has.. nothing. Besides 2 mamak's and some shops nobody visits. The mamak's don't even have chairs with back rest. Oh my poor backbone. Thank god there was WiFi though. And a Famous Amos booth.

So that's it for Redang trip! Now I really got to wrap this up quickly for it's 5 minutes to 14/8. Will be disappearing from the internet in support of #STOP114A.

You should too. Bye!


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