Asahi @ Teeq


Asahi Bloggers Get-Together at Teeq Restaurant @ Lot 10. Great beer, great food, great atmosphere.

Humble Cheesy on the Shell.

Hand Helds.


Tacos! Everybody loves tacos!

But all the more, everybody loves Asahi!

An appropriate caption for this would be, "Salmon, Salad or Me?"

Refreshing barley flavor, crisp aftertaste. More Asahi please!

You really don't need a reason for beer. But if you need one, hey it's Oktoberfest festival! You should be showering in beer right about now.

Look for the night, as seen in previous post.

Nice background to camwhore with but knowing me, with or without it I'll still have a good time doing so.

With Sharon and Sherlynn.

Lionel aka DustyHawk. Taken by his trusty camera G12 which I'm still very much in love with (SWIVEL SCREEN!!!!)

This is taken by my Nikon J1. Which one nicer! *sad

More Asahi. Asahi all night long!

And then there were the desserts!

Pick Me Up On Martini - which is basically the awesomest tiramisu on a martini glass.

Molten Chocolate Cakes with ice cream!

Darren and Jamie!

Strawberry shots to wrap the night up.

The amount of food I consumed that night should be sufficient to feed a child for a month. No regrets though, great food + great beer = fantastic time!

All thanks to Asahi and Nuffnang!


  1. Nice to meet you that day! it was definitely a fun time! :)

    Hope to see u soon ya!



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