Eternal Love

حُب, 爱, láska, kærlighed, liefde, armastus, amour, die Liebe, αγάπη, szeretet, ást, cinta, amore, 사랑.


What does it mean? What does love means? Do you love? Whom do you love?

Allow me to tell you my love story. I've always been having this love hate relationship with this person.  I know I'm supposed to just love unconditionally but there are just too many flaws and too many things I wished I could have change about this person.

And I tried to love many. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't. It is simply impossible to love any other before I learned to love this person first. Yes, this person is myself.

I was too fat, too ugly, too clumsy, and too negative everything else. I used to wish and wish that I could change for the better.

But one day I realized. Wishing and complaining alone was not going to help a bit. If I want to be better, first I've got to feel better about myself. Yes, I've got to start loving myself! So I did, I loved and still loving every imperfection of mine. I say hi to my stomach Bob everyday, which I used to cry over. I greet the sexay laydeh staring back at me in the mirror everyday. I LOVE MYSELF!

How can this be! Am I a narcissist?? If I am, then let me tell you, over loving yourself is definitely better than under loving yourself. Once you start to love yourself everything else just falls into place. Once love comes into your life, it doesn't want to leave so easily! You start to see all the beautiful things and people worth loving in life. You start giving love and love starts coming back to you! Oh what fulfilling life it has been ever since I started loving myself and others around me.

If I could sum up my love story in a bottle, the smell would be a strong and unique one. It's got to be woody to represent my self discovery and my strength and determination along the way. It's got to be fruity too because trust me, my love story wasn't a boring one. It was fun and flirty! So I wouldn't mind throwing in some floral scents as well. Finally, my love story would be smelling a lot like purity and innocence. Something ozonic and watery like.

So I was really glad to stumble upon the new CK Eternity Aqua. It hits the spot perfectly! It is simply so fresh, so ocean like, at the same time not missing the woody and floral accords. If I could use a scenario to describe the whole feel it would be a forest fairy dancing in a beautiful flower field underwater. That's right. With the sexy flowing hair waves and all.

My dreamland aside, I'm really glad CK Fragrances, the top brand in perfume line in Malaysia, came up with this fragrance! 

Remember the ever popular gentlemen's version Eternity Aqua for men from 2010? Now we have the female version to complement it! The scents are just too perfect together. Like a beautiful pair of mermaid and merman dancing together in a flower field underwater.

Here's my bottle of CK Eternity Aqua (100ml) for women. It comes in the classic bottle of the first ladies Eternity from 1988. How sleek and chic! I'm absolutely loving the aquatic gradient on this one!

When I spray on this scent all I can think about are fragrant white flowers, fruity apple and other juicy fruits, refreshing aquatic smell of cucumbers and my favorite woody musk. Perfection. Absolutely elegant and mysterious. Not to mention the charm. Ah my perfect love story in a bottle indeed!!!

Anyway, enough about my love story. Now it's your turn to tell me yours! Or actually tell CK Fragrances.

Starting 10th September to 30th September, take part in the CK Eternity Aqua "Eternal Love" Campaign by doing so:

1. Visit the microsite and submit your love story. (My most romantic love story begins…. (not more than 100 words))

2. All participants will entitled to get a FREE sample upon submission of their love stories.

3. Click the “SHARE” button in the Thank you to increase your chances of winning. (Make sure your share post in facebook set as “Public”)

4. The most romantic love story that touched the judges hearts will win!

And what's in it for you? Not only do you get a free sample upon submission but you stand a chance to win totally awesome and romantic prizes. Ooohlala~

1x Grand Prize winner will win a CK Fragrances Hamper worth RM1,000

10x Consolation winners will win a couple bottle of CK Eternity for him EDT 50ml and CK Eternity Aqua for her EDP worth RM463.

Go and share your love story now and who knows, CK Eternity Aqua may just add more love to your life.

So glad that CK Eternity Aqua understands me and my love story. Thank you for constantly reminding me of my wonderful love story and of beautiful life.

I could drown in you forever, my love (´ε` )♡


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