Weeks Summed Up

I'm the kind of person who has a proper camera but does not use it unless there is the urgency to. Too much of a hassle to lug a semi-pro camera around. Sometimes I wish I've gotten a slim digital camera instead :(

The short paragraph above should be an excuse legit enough to make up for my lack of updates. 

I kid! I shall put more effort into taking proper pictures and making proper updates, um, starting tomorrow? 

But for now I just feel the need to use crappy cheat pictures from Instagram to sum up my recent weeks. I love looking back at my pictures if you haven't already known. But oh come on, a narcissist like me?? You should have seen this coming.

There has been some changes in my lifestyle for the past few weeks. I'm actually finally going out to see the daylight and meeting people! *gasp!*

So yes, you may now feast your eyes on faces other than my own below. 50 points to Gryfffffffindor!!!! if you get all their names correct..

^^^^^ Macho macho men and err macho me. As a girl, I have a lot of manliness in me.

^^^^ Prettay babehs and less macho me.

Thank goodness I can actually control my level of macho-ness by will. (I've no idea how this entire thing boils down to macho-ness) I've just been told the other day too that I somewhat have the talent to look like a different person each time. That's good isn't it? Wasted that I'm not recruited to be a secret agent. 


The secret to being a good chameleon lies in the make up, dressing and the mode I choose to turn on on a particular day, ladies and gentlemen. If I'm feeling lazy and crappy I'll end up looking like a pile of fresh turd.

Okay ew.

^ And of course the narcissist herself.


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