Big Smiles at Rakuzen


Rakuzen after class with Kai Jin!

Sashimi salad with fish roe sauce. Now this is what you call a salad! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE yes it deserves five loves, in caps no less.

Our overly ecstatic faces. We were taking "BFF" pictures on that day for a purpose, thus the expressions. 

 Can't find a proper name for this so according to my menu translation this is: Enoki mushrooms stuffed in beef marinated with teriyaki sauce.

Beef slices teppanyaki!! I haven't had beef for the longest time already and to be able to eat it again is.. bliss. Didn't realized that I missed it so much!

Trying to pull of the "I'm cooking seriously and I'm pro at it" face.

Hand rolls and yes overly excited faces again.

I wasn't joking when I said we were out to take BFF pictures.

Like, who does this in real life man! Look at Kai Jin's face, fake level 9000.

Bryan, with his squashed face, and Elaine came to join us.

Howard too!

Wah this Rakuzen has like awesome lighting I didn't even need to adjust the pictures. Here I am not allowing any opportunities for a selfie to slip away!


  1. That looks so yummy! Handrolls are my favorite<3

    Hmm, this def. inspired me to go out and get sushi tonight! Thanks~


  2. You should! Jap food is awesome! You'd have fell in love with the sashimi salad too, it was soooo good! <3


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