Churp Out Loud!

My pretty babehs and I @ Red Bean Bag, Publika last weekend.

It was the day of #ChurpOut event too so I was there to sibuk-sibuk a bit.

Hat day! I was lazy to accessorize and style my hair so the hat is a good cover up. Plus it was drizzling the whole day so I actually put it to good use!

"When there's a coffee art..... TAKE PICTURE!!!!!!"

The #ChurpOut bazaar was pretty happening even though it's indoors because there were so many eye candies! (●♡∀♡) 

I didn't buy anything from the bazaar because I'm dead broke. (╥_╥) So I dare not to even look around at the goodies. Wouldn't want to risk falling in love with any of them and then falling into a great depression when I can't buy them. Life of a broke girl. (╥_╥)

SO INSTEAD!!! I went around playing #ChurpOut carnival games for FREEBIES!!!! Doing it the authentic chinese way: Get as many free things as possible!!!!

Competitive mode ON as I went around playing points to collect chops! COLLECT ALL THE CHOPS! And when I finally completed my quest of collecting all the chops... I ran over to the redemption booth so very the excitedly to draw a prize!

I wanted the Churpie bird so bad!!!

But... I didn't get it. (╥_╥) Never mind, next time I shall WIN ALL THE CHURPIE BIRDS!!!!

Hi Ernest! Finally met him again after.... a very very long time! Like really..
Since last year's Where's The Party ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

Malaysian Youtubers unite!

At the #Whatchuwant booth with Nuffie/Churpie Willy. Check out their cool shirts! Keep Calm and Churp!

Riding the rodeo, superbike style. Scumbag rodeo gave me leg cramps.

And now for the most priceless piece of the day....

how to make a gif
Me falling off that scumbag bull.

I even made a .gif specially for you guys to laugh at.



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