Whatchuwant?? A Pimped Up Ride!!

Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100!
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 Inch!
Pioneer Blu–ray Front Surround System!
Samsung 40" Smart Full HD LED TV!
Samsung Galaxy S III!

Question: How do you get these attractive gadgets to be yours without actually spending money on purchasing them??


By just picking any of these packs!

I know! How can! Just pick a pack and walk away with gadgets worth RM10,000 daily?? Yes DAILY! Meaning there will be a winner every day who gets to walk away with DAILY prize, which includes these awesome gadgets worth RM10,000!

So you really get the best of both worlds. Not only you get an awesome pack which is tailored to fit your needs, but you also stand a chance to be a DAILY winner!

Okay okay less talk and I'll get to the important part now. Here's how you do it!

But if RM10,000 worth of gadgets is not enough for you... How about having your ride awesomely pimped up MTV style AND be a star on MTV Pimp My Ride Asia!!! Yes! Don't have to rub your eyes! It's true! There will be a few surprise ‘Pimp My Ride’ prizes throughout the entire Whatchuwant campaign period.
So make sure you keep an eye on xpax.com.my during the campaign period and “Like” the Xpax page at www.facebook.com/Xpaxfb to receive updates and get more details!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss your chance to get your ride all pimped up or bring home gadgets worth RM10,000 given out DAILY. Dial *128# now to get Whatchuwant! 


Awesome looking ride... and be a star on MTV...??


Oh trust me I definitely need it. Why? One word: BORING. My car is soooo boring I fall asleep when I stare at it for more than 5 seconds. What car am I driving? Make a guess. It is soo sooo sooooo common here in our country.

In fact it is the best selling model in Malaysia: 
90, 595 units in 2009 
77, 657 units in 2010 
81, 904 units in 2011

In other words, the most cliche, mainstream, common and BORING model!!!

You're absolutely right! I drive a Perodua MYVI!!

This picture was taken back in March 2009, a couple of months before I got my driving license.  The birth of my baby Myvi.

Do you have any idea how many Myvi's are there on the road? Every where you go you see it! Every 10 seconds on the road you will see a different color Myvi! Sometimes you're surrounded by Myvi's! That's how common it is in Malaysia.

That makes me sad because I'm really just another car on the road. There are probably hundred thousands of Myvi's out there that look exactly like mine, same color same specs and all. SIGH! HOW BORING! For an attention seeker like me, this gets me so frustrated sometimes... 

To make matters worse, my baby Myvi is the lowest of all specs, the most basic one, 1.3 I think? Anyway, we came a long way from 2009.... And now.. I think I'll just show you how bad it really is:

I know I know! And before you start bombarding me with questions, here are some expected ones.


- Because I'm just not willing to spend money on my car!!!!


- Because it's so boring to be in I just gave up maintaining it.


- My Movie Maker was lagging and I was editing the video in a rush. Same goes to my lack of script and my constant mumbles and words that don't make sense. Impromptu yo.


- Which is why... I really need the extra help from Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride!!!!


It's like.. taking a basic and boring ride with no extra features like this.

and turn it into something cool, awesome, eye-catching and is the envy of everyone else!

Okay the picture examples I've just shown you aren't exactly the best examples because I was the one doing the pimping. This is why I can't pimp my own ride. But if I were to pimp my ride, here are the Top 10 things that I'd like to have in my baby!!

1. Huge vanity mirrors.

This may be insignificant for some but for a vain person like me, who always does her makeup in the car and check her reflection every 2 minutes, it's essential!! Huge vanity mirrors with lights and maybe bedazzled sides, on both passenger and driver side!!! I'm sure my lady passengers will appreciate it as well.

2. Awesome sound system.
Super stereo yes please! But considering what I want to do to my baby (I'll show you later below), this is kind of impossible. But then again, any sound system that's better than my current one is already good enough! Just make sure it's able to give me an eargasm!
Picture credits to: link

3. Built in GPS.
To prevent me from getting lost for hours in KL like I always do, a built in GPS instead of some lousy buttons that don't work (as seen in my video hahaha).

4. Chrome rims.
The most common rims on Malaysian road, those are the rims I have on my baby. It does not help with the aesthetics at all! I'd like some chrome rims like the one in the after picture. Sexay!!!

5. Fierce eyes.
As for my bodykit, I have no specific preferences but just make sure that my baby's eyes look FIERCE along with some awesome lights!

Coming up is the craziest thing I want for my baby. Is it even possible? Has it been done before? I don't know! But with this modification, I can guarantee that my baby will be one in a million!! That crazy thought is.....

6. Convertible.
To transform my baby into a CONVERTIBLE! Can you imagine! A Myvi coupe convertible?? How often do you see it or have you even seen it before??? Super awesomeness. I can imagine my passengers and I singing "A Thousand Miles" out loud on the road late at night with top down.
Idea and picture credits to: link

Crazy I know! But then like Albert Einstein once said, "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."

7. Red leather interiors.
Since it's a coupe, it must have a beauuuutiful door with red leather panels.

8. Sports seats.
And also red leather sports seats! Woohoo!

9. Matte hot pink paint.
As for the paint, I'll go for matte hot pink like this Lamborghini here. Smokin!

10. Body deco.
Throw in some dope deco and my site URL (narcissists need this) on my baby's body and there we have my dream car!!!

Finished look!

Rough sketch of the finished look! Too much of a hassle for me to photoshop the bodykit and others but you get the idea.

COOL OR NOT!!!! You jealous or not hehehe.

And who can make all these happen? Who else if not Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride?

Quotes from the pimp masters who make the impossible possible!:
- "I make bodies beautiful. That's what I do!"
- "人生就等于驳cable. 一定要驳的对 ."

- "Sit. Relax. Enjoy the show."
- "They call me the Transformer. They destroy, I rebuild!"

So cool one (T▽T) I need these masters to help me realize my dream!

Why should I be the one who gets my ride pimped? I could have written an essay full of sob stories of how I can't afford to do anything to my car, how embarrassed and troubled I am to have to drive a sad car like my baby and everything else. 

BUT THEN if I were to be blatantly honest, the main reason is because I'm an attention seeker and I need an extraordinary ride to match my personality. There I said it! I hope I don't come across as too egocentric. 


You too can have your ride pimped by Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride! Remember what I told you. Just pick a pack and win!


More info: here


  1. I have a pink room, #somuchwin , nyek nyek nyek

  2. thanks to your blog entry, if not I won't know Pimp My Ride got Malaysia Edition oso.

    Good luck to you on pimping your car. :D

    1. Quite surprising right got Malaysia edition! ;p Eheh thankyou for the luck!


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