Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Lunch @ Yuzu KLCC with Siang Long today. 

Why am I so efficient? I'm on midterm break, therefore I currently have no direction in life (this week). This means I'm allowed to do shit for the entire week without feeling guilty. I'm like this piece of wood floating in the river and just floating, with no obligations and responsibilities besides floating. My metaphors don't work. But it's okay! Because I'm on midterm break.

Before I go on rambling about things that don't make sense and other philosophies, let's just get back to the food shall we.

Oyako Maki - salmon rolled sushi with fish roe toppings. (My description is so accurate right!!! Because I found the menu online. Hahahahaha here's how you cheat at food blogging.)

Can't find this from the menu so I'll just go ahead and utilize my useless food blogging skills to give it an unglam name - Fried squid.

Soba Shabu-shabu - self explanatory.

3 types of soba's. Cha soba and another 2 which I don't know what they're called. I think they're inaka soba and gozen soba but I think I'm just trying to sound knowledgable.

MOVING ON! Before I get into another heated debate with myself.

(Okay I couldn't resist trying to be sure. So from Yuzu's menu and some extra research, apparently the other 2 are inaniwa udon and zaru soba. So I was wrong after all. I hate myself.)

The lauk-pauk to be shabu-shabued!

Had to replace the glorious beef slices with chicken because the gentleman doesn't consume beef. *sulks a little 

Okay let the shabu-shabuing begin!

Instead of swishing the ingredients around in the soup piece after piece the real shabu-shabu way, we just threw everything in, the Chinese steamboat way.

Mmmm so good.

Pots of tea.

I'm not usually keen on steamboat or shabu-shabu much because I'm lazy to cook here cook there kiap here kiap there. But if there's someone doing it for me then I don't mind :) Same goes to barbecue. Gosh I can't believe I'm lazy to even eat. 

The lunch sets offered at Yuzu are pretty tempting but because technically it's already past lunch time when we were there, I couldn't order them :( To wrap it up, lunch was good! The ingredients at Yuzu are fresh and satisfying. My food vocabulary is very limited and I suck at food blogging goodbye.


AIH WHY AM I SO RUDE. *clears throat* That's all for now people. Have a great week ahead and see you soon!



  1. MmMm~ that salmon roe look so good<3
    & shabu shabu is always a must~

    Yummy post!


  2. Haha yea it was good :) Thanks! <3


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