Are You a Recovering Shopaholic? (or just Shopaholic really)


A person who shops compulsively or very frequently. 
or better defined as: 
A person that has the illusion that shopping is life. This phenomenon is usually experienced by losers who must amuse themselves with material possessions.

1. Do you resist the urge to pick up a magazine because you know the amount of consumer goods strategically placed inside WILL. TORTURE. YOU? Probably due to the fact that you want 90% of the things you see and you can't own them because altogether they cost a year worth of salary and some aren't even easily obtainable, like that pair of boots labeled "Stylist's own". Your biggest wishes are to own a credit card that requires no payback at all and the ability to make any items you see in the magazine appear by just tapping it.

2. Do you chant the "Recovering Shopaholic" mantra repeatedly when you want something you don't need? The mantras range from subtle ones like, "This is not a necessity. I have everything I need. I won't be using this often anyway. Saving money is good. I'm so contented." to extreme ones like,

3. Do you spend your last 50 bucks note on a piece of junk that you thought, at that very first contact, will be absolutely useful and worth it? Like a ridiculous looking red straw hat that you thought, at that very first contact, will add value to your life and you will be known as "the girl with the red straw hat" from that moment onwards?


You never wore it. Not even once.

4. Do you hide your second, third or fourth credit card at a very inconvenient place in hope that you'll somehow forget about them and never have to use them until you actually have the capability of paying the bills that follow? After realizing that the socks drawer of yours is not the best place to hide your cards, you proceed to hide them in one of the many books in your bookshelf, which is then followed by the Rebecca Bloomwood method of freezing them (literally) in a huge block of ice.

5. Do you make a single purchase using several methods, by cash and cards (yes cards, several cards)? After recovering from the shock you get by seeing the RM 798.50 figure on the cashier machine (hey I thought the 20% discount would have helped more and how could 2 pairs of shoes and some accessories sum up to this amount!), your brain then proceeds to make use of the mathematical skills you learned back in school and also puts your memory to test. *Okay, so I have 90 in cash, and I can swipe 200 on my debit card, another 300 on this card and the remaining 208.50... Hopefully this card is able to cover it. Oh hey I have 50cents in loose change.* Keep your cool and remain classy while the cashier curses you silently.

6. Do you have a love hate relationship with online shopping? When love: "Oh god online shopping is the best I don't even have to step out of my house and the feeling of signing parcels is simply AMAHZING I can do this all day all night." When hate: "What happened to my money! How is it possible that I spent them all in one hour! This is DISASTROUS! I hate you Zalora ads."

7. Do you hide your purchases to avoid lectures and nags from people around you? Eg: Compressing 6 shopping bags into 1 when entering your home. Or constantly needing to use this line, "Oh this? I bought this long long time ago. I just never got to wear it until now." 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then YES you are a recovering shopaholic. Or a shopaholic. Like Rebecca Bloomwood and myself. I feel you bro.

It's not funny in reality. Get help.



To those who don't get it, this trailer illustrates my points.

Ah yes, Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my favorite book series of all time and the movie wasn't so disappointing.


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