NRS #5

New Year Resolution #5: Have a higher energy level

2012: I'm only 20 but I feel like I'm 50 most of the time. Like today, I woke at 2PM and stayed in bed until now, 7PM. I left my bed only to take a shower and to get food. Meh.

2013: Let me have the energy to at least stand up on my two feet more often rather than lying down on my belly. I need the energy and drive to reorganize my life, or at least my room first. Did I mention that I found spiders in my room yesterday when I tried to tidy it up a little? Ugh. I was suppose to clean my room upside down today but I feel too tired to do so. SO YEAH, I do need a higher level of energy and it all comes from the mind and also eating/living habits.


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