Things Asian Girls Do on Instagram

It's not just Asian girls, non-Asians do these too, as well as guys. But... they're just more common among #Asian #girls

1. #nomakeup #nofilter
Really? Besides the obvious fact that there are at least several filters on this picture, are you seriously expecting others to be so stupid to believe that you have no make up on? Some guys may not be able to tell the difference but girls definitely can. Even if it's just eyebrows and shadings. Save it. And nobody goes to sleep looking like that.

2. A boobalicious picture with caption that is trying to sound philosophical and smart
No shit, boobface! I can totally see how well your copied and pasted quotes relate to your picture! Sometimes I wish girls will be honest enough to just put "Compliment on my boobies NAOO! Stare and be amazed!" But then again this is something I'll never understand because I'm not a boob person. Maybe if I had bigger boobs then I might understand better.

 3. #hashtag essay
This has got to be my favorite. Sometimes when I have too much time on my hands, I read them all instead of watching paint peel. I get it if it's just a few of them. Like 3 hashtags, NOT 3 paragraphs of hashtags. At the rate you're going, you'll have more words in your Instagram than a freaking Harry Potter book. Where do these hashtags come from anyway??? Do you have pages and pages of them saved up in your Notes or something? Because for me to come up with the above, it really took a while. 

Alright, 3 for now! I actually did all the above just now on my Instagram just so I can screenshot them and post them here. But of course, I deleted them right after and prayed real hard that no one saw any one of them. 

No hate for girls and guys who do those though! Without them, Instagram would have been boring. Those habits are just really cliche and kind of amusing really. I know I sounded so bitchy but then again I never said that I'm not bitchy to begin with :) Hehehe ok lah to ease the burn I'll confess to something: I too am guilty of bad Instagram habits too. Go find out for yourself. 


  1. Loved this<3
    I laughed so hard >,< & yes, I am guilty of a few T.T Haha~ But, who isn't?

    Great post^.~


    1. Instacrime, we're all guilty of it. Heh :) thanks!


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