I try not to put on make up all the time to allow my skin to breathe. On a daily basis, my day make up means concealer, powder, blush and brows. Sometimes I throw in eyeliner as a treat.

Here are some of the products I use/recommend. Actually no I don't use those everyday but they're the only make up products I took pictures of when I just purchased them so they look sparkly and nice -__- So I'll just clarify first that the products I use most as mentioned previously. Maybelline for concealer and blush, Nu Skin for powder and brows.

Crayon jumbo liner by Sephora in brown. Because I'm sick of black liners and brown liners are more day appropriate. And this one has a thick tip so it makes application easier (for my case it does). Also, when it says 12-hour wear, it means 12-hour wear. Stays on the whole day, no smudge!

Lid Nude by Pop. When it comes to eye shadows I swear by matte colors. More versatility and looks way more natural, especially earthy colors.

I don't usually use eye shadows, I use them only on occasions when I feel more hiao. Anyway I used this palette a couple of times and then it went missing -___- But I really love the colors in the palette, will get it again if I decide that Naked II by Urban Decay has too many shimmery colors.

Cream highlighter by Urban Decay in Wicked. Only got this because High Beam by Benefit was out of stock.  Totally bought it in a shade too dark for me -____- 

Frankly I don't really fancy cream highlighters because they tend to make my face look oily. Most of the time if I need to highlight I just use matte eye shadow. But 90%  of the time I don't highlight at all because I'm lazy like that.

Here's one of the times that I used this UB highlighter. IKR, my nose looks like it's producing oil but really it's not. Not that much anyway.  Here I used the brown crayon liner too.

This is totally a lazy post because I happen to stumble upon those pictures I took some time ago. So... might as well grab the opportunity to write this vain post.

Okay someone just rang the doorbell bye! (I was expecting that doorbell so this post was done in the rushest rush lol. Sorry if I was blabbering and did not make sense)
This is very backdated but I suppose I still must mention! As you guys probably realized, I've been taking part in contests and campaigns not very long ago and very buay paiseh-ly asked for your votes. Some of you even took the trouble to ask me about the results! So here it is:

Sloggi Girls' Night: http://www.shinyeee.com/2012/01/best-night-ever.html

(This Youtube video actually has one hater comment HAHAHA. Feel so honored leh someone purposely created an anonymous Youtube account just to hate on my video LOL.)

Yes you guys sure did enjoy the lingerie action eh! Hahahaha. Thank you for your votes and support but I'm not the grand winner. But I still consider myself a winner because you all were so supportive T____T Okay the real winner was Cheesie and she absolutely deserves it because she's so pretty and awesome! Okay I sound so boot-licker ish but what to do she's one of my favorite blogger also what! :P


SiDC Film: http://www.shinyeee.com/2012/01/money-matters.html

I didn't know this was a contest to be honest so I didn't campaign for votes -___- But surprisingly I was still one of the Top10!! HUAHUAHUA I was seriously shocked by this one but thank you all the same. Also major thanks to Sherry for doing the edits for this video!


Maybelline Favorite Blogger: http://www.shinyeee.com/2011/11/i-need-you-to-save-my-life.html

I WON I WON I WON!!!! First prize for this one and yes I campaigned a lot for this one hurhurhur. Thank you so much for all your votes and support! Come find me and I'll give you a Maybelline product! Hahahaha. No seriously. Thankyou!


And about me being a lousy blogger for not updating for some time.... T_____T

I'm just on a vacation right now.

JUST KIDDING! I'M NOT! I wish I am on a vacation though! Instead I'm just here buried in a pile of college work! Wooooo same old invalid excuse.

SORRY WILL TRY TO UPDATE ASAP. Don't hate on me with an anonymous Blogger account ya ;)

Here's an Instagram picture of me to soothe your impatient-ness.

Hola from Melaka!

Some rather back dated pictures from one of my trips to Melaka. Sometimes when I'm in Melaka, I'll crave for Nadeje Mille Crepe cake and sometimes the damn satay celup. But at times like this I crave for durian cendol. And where else better to get that if not Jonker Street?

Besides, I bet Jonker street needs a good cleaning. So... Here I am, sweeping the streets with my dress. Majlis Pembandaran Melaka, you're welcome.

The original Melaka boy.

Jonker 88's durian cendol. My all time favorite place for cendol. Though now I'm a little sick of durian cendol already, time to change to durian ABC maybe?

Jonker Walk on a weekday is way more relaxing compared to weekends/public holidays. During those period it'll be booming with tourists holding giant DSLR's and what not.

I still don't understand why the hole is so low. Aren't there any tall people back then?

Anyway, who do I look like?

Do I by any chance, look like him???


If I do that means I stand a great chance at winning an imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar 
or an Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hits Album! 

Or if you think you've got what it takes to be like Lee Hom, you must participate in the 'Are you the next Lee Hom' contest! Choose from 3 ways to win those awesome prizes!

  1. [MMS] If you're born to look like Lee Hom then lucky you! Simply snap a picture of your most awesome Lee Hom-like pose. Then, send it to 23131 to be in the running as well as receive FREE MMS content every week! 
  2. [VIDEO] Submit video(s) of you singing/impersonating/lip-syncing/dancing/playing instruments to any Lee Hom song. Can even be a parody or cover!
  3. [VOICE RECORDING] Got the voice like Lee Hom? Let us hear you sing! Just dial *22009 and karaoke or sing along to a Lee Hom song! Tap into your popstar instincts and serenade your way into a win. 

More information >>> HERE! <<<

Also, you can get exclusive Lee Hom downloads by getting on The Cube and dialing *888#. Then, select Hot Deals and choose Lee Hom or go to http://m.thecube.my.

Everyone wants to be Lee Hom but who will be the next Lee Hom? I think I shall really give it a try!

Close enough.

Friday nights are always fun and happening but last Friday night was one of the best. So what went down last Friday night?

I was hanging at The Rooftop, G Tower hotel to witness...

the launch of this baby. Oh you must be wondering what is this sleek and pretty looking thing. 

Here's a clue. 

It is the launch of the Prada phone by LG 3.0 by Celcom! I can't get my eyes off this baby! How can this be a phone?? It's more like a fashion accessory, that works as a phone too!

Here's me posing on the blue carpet with the star of the night, the Prada phone by LG 3.0. I don't even need a glamorous clutch to complete my 'blue carpet' look, this baby is a perfect substitute, one wouldn't even notice the difference!

Celcom's Chief Marketing Officer with a small fraction of the beautiful models of the night. I think my eyes got diabetes from the night, with so many eye candies around and all. By eye candies I mean both the models and the PRADA PHONES!!

And then there's the food. Ooooooh food glorious food. I spammed myself with desserts. More than enough to keep me happy for the night!

Also, great company for the night! Here's myself with Jamie, Ming and Cindy.

Another one with Ming, Jane, Jamie and Ashley.

Great to see you again, Jamie. And right before you leave to Korea nonetheless. Take care!

Not my best look here but Ming looks absolutely gorgeous! Wear blue and people might mistaken you for a Celcom x LG Prada model!

Also, the man behind the lens, Joseph! Who patiently helped us take endless pictures for the night, well you know how picky us girls can be when it comes to pictures... and everything else.

So yes, like I said, good food + great company = awesome night. Phew! And I really fell in love with the Prada phone too!

One Prada for me please!

If you're with me, and really want a beautiful phone like the Prada phone by LG 3.0, you can! Make it yours now, only at Celcom!

Affordable but great Celcom plans to match your beautiful Prada phone. You got to have the best coverage to match the best looking phone!

And of course, with Celcom plans, the phone is much cheaper too! I can haz Prada, you can haz Prada, we can all has Prada now! Want to haz more Prada? Be the 1st 100 people to get this phone from selected Blue Cube outlets and receive an exclusive PRADA Bluetooth from Celcom. MORE PRADA PLEASE!

If you want more details on the phone and plans, just visit: http://www.celcom.com.my/smartphones/

 Fashionistas can now be tech geeks too! Or is it the other way round? 


Pretty sure the 'March' in 'Wedding March' is not referring to the month March but I'm going to substitute it with another month in the title. And pray that it makes sense. Wee! 

So this is actually the main purpose of our Singapore trip, to attend his cousin's wedding.

Make up check.

All set!

All the young and pretty ladies! Far right is his mom o.O YES I KNOW! If I didn't tell you you wouldn't even have guessed.

Okay, the last time I wore this dress I was way thinner than what I am now T____T I cannot accept it..... T__________T

2 years ago. The dress wasn't tight at all! But now.....  

With the sweet sisters.

Another comparison. Sighhhh...

With the other fatty.

Bride and groom! Super lovely.

Weddings just have this warm and fuzzy effect on me. Awww.

Dishes of the night. Mmmmm yum yum yum.

Little wedding gifts.

And that's the end of this wedding post. I'm not very good at words when it comes to weddings. Well anyway, another belated picture I'd like to show you here:

Weeee! My iPhone and MBP now. That's not a pink cover or sticker on my iPhone, it's an actual housing! Changed my boring black housing to a pink one. Many other colors available! Only at HausOfBiB.com