NIVEA Pure & Natural Cover Photo Contest

Check out my new Facebook cover photo! 

Fresh huh? And it’s so easy to make too! Not only that but by making it I’m also in the running to win cash prizes and NIVEA Pure & Natural products. 

How did I do it? First of all I went to this page:

From there, complete some simple registration steps and let the cover photo making begin! 

Step 1: Choose your ideal scenery! I chose the second one because there was a ladybug on it. 

Step 2: Upload a photo of yourself. I suggest one that looks pure and natural *wink 

Next you can add on decorations. Those are actually images of the precious natural ingredients found in the NIVEA Pure & Natural range. So yeah, knock yourself out with the decorations like I did! 

Done! Now you can make it your cover photo. 

You can even add a PicBadge to your profile picture. Also, you can redeem a “RM6 Off” voucher after sharing it with friends. Yay for discount on NIVEA Pure & Natural products! 

Ta-da! Now your artwork is in the gallery where people can vote and share. The cover photos with the most votes stand in the chance of being shortlisted as a winner but the final winners are based on NIVEA judges’ discretion. That means you got to really put in effort in creating your cover photo alright! 

How much do the prizes worth? It’s up to you or all of us really. The values of prizes are tiered according to the number of fans gained during contest period. The higher number of fans reached the more prizes and increase in value there will be, up to RM 6,000! So get your mom, dad, auntie, uncle, neighbour, neighbour’s kids, friends and everyone else to like NIVEA Malaysia Facebook page. They will be given a RM3 voucher upon liking! 

This contest ends on 28 February 2013, 11:59PM. So hurry and go get yourself a pretty cover photo on


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