Sudu Gemuk yo

The weekends are almost here! Hang in there everyone! For now, I digged out some pictures taken a while back and forgive me for the lack of words because anything older than a week is already flushed out of my system.

Anyway I hope you get hungry after seeing the pictures because I made myself hungry T___T

Guess where I'm taking you to today? It's one of my favorite restaurant.

It's Fat Spoon! Where else uses children books as their menus?? Their menu consisted of food that reminds you of home and resurfaces long forgotten memories.

This is the biggest reason as to why I love Fat Spoon. Their iced chocolate is seriously to die for!! This time really death by chocolate and I don't mind! It's so thick and rich with cocoa and milk. I can drink this every hour of the day and not get bored of it.

But of course, coffee too is essential as always. Served in a classic cup that brings back so much childhood memories!

Squids as appetizer. The dip was good!

Fat Salmon Sandwich! What I loved most about it is not the sandwich (which actually is a.. burger) itself but the pumpkin fritters that come with it. Dipped in thai chili sauce. Perfection.

Close up on the salmon sandwich! I loved how the salmon slices were close to raw, the way I like it. Taste of the salmon was well preserved. The slices in between the salmon slices are apples, which spoiled it for me. Well it's just me, for I dislike fruits in my burgers or sandwiches. If they were replaced with eggs, I think I'll fall in love for the third time that day. 

The environment was really retro and quirky. You've got to go see it for yourself (and don't forget to try the iced chocolate!). Dining at Fat Spoon is like taking a trip down memory lane.

Fat Spoon Cafe


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