Useless Resolutions

Hello from Uncle Jang!

I'm going to stop making new year resolutions. Who am I kidding man. I'm not going to actually go through with resolutions. I've already bust the most cliche new year resolution of "eating healthier/lose weight" by having chocolates and desserts for breakfast every morning in year 2013. 

I know right.

Now my skin is suffering and probably my body as well. In my lame attempt to save myself, I'm currently blogging with a sheet of collagen mask on my face. Okay now back to some Uncle Jang pictures.

My favorite part would be the cheese, rice cake and ramen.

Oh yeaaaaaah.

And now back to new year resolutions. Let's narrow it down to new month resolution shall we. So here's mine.


2. Finish reading a boxset (Still deciding which one I should start on first: Hobbit/LOTR or Game of Thrones)
3. Drive to college and find parking without getting angry/frustrated
4. Try not to swear while driving
5. Try not to swear at all, or at least unnecessarily


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