Valentine's 2013

Single, Taken or "It's Complicated", I hope you all had a good one. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Funny thing is Valentine's Day has evolved so much since it's first origins. Since when is it compulsory for one to receive a huge bouquet of roses on Valentine's? Since when is it alright and normal for shops and restaurants to hike up prices on Valentine's? (and we so willingly pay for those)

If you haven't noticed, ladies have extra high expectations on Valentine's nowadays, which results in a mass of disappointments. I looked around this Valentine's and realized that there were more emotional tweets and statuses of frustration than happy and lovey ones. There was also a hike in suicide and homicide cases on that day.

A supposingly beautiful day has become so tragic.

Expectations. The lower the expectations, the lesser the disappointments. Why do ladies expect so much anyway nowadays? I guess us ladies are too spoiled these days. Stop! Who are you to expect so much of your loved one? Before you start expecting so much, ask yourself, what are you giving in return? Poor men, I don't see them complaining of lack of presents and surprises. I guess it's really important to treat our loved ones as equals. Why don't the ladies surprise their other halves with bouquet of roses instead? Love your loved ones, not step on them. 

Not only on occasions, but every other day.

Anyway, mine was fine. I received flowers and a gift. We went for a casual dinner instead of an overpriced candlelight dinner. I haven't got the boy anything yet (HYPOCRITE!!!!!!) though. Eheh heheh, one of these days aye. (*´▽`*)

Keep love beautiful! Don't taint it with selfishness.


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