ZA Spring/Summer 2013 (tried & tested!)

Check out the new face of ZA; Amanda Imani, a young multi-heritage singer-songwriter, recording artist and entrepreneur. 

So what does Amanda and ZA both have in common? They're both fun, bubbly and positive!

So Amanda shared with us about some of her favorite ZA products. Let's see what she's got to say about them.

Amanda on NEW Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation 
“I enjoy doing my own makeup so that’s why Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation is perfect for me. It gives me a natural finish and leaves my skin feeling very radiant and fresh all day long. It also helps to retain the moisture of my skin. So my skin looks healthy and glowy!” 

Amanda on NEW Perfect Fit Concealer 
“This is my must-have especially when I’m travelling. Whenever I don’t feel like wearing too much makeup, this concealer conceals blemishes, scars and it certainly helps by covering up my dark circles. I love that it’s creamy but not oily and when used with the powder foundation, my skin looks especially flawless.” 

Amanda on Total Hydration range 
“I love to pamper my skin especially after a day of full makeup. Not only does this range of products provide moisture, they help to retain moisture as well. My skin has never looked healthier and the gentle scent is really relaxing too.” 

ZA has recently launched their ZA Spring/Summer 2013 collection and it's great because as we all know, it's always spring and summer here in Malaysia. When it comes to spring/summer, sweet vibrant colors come to mind as well as femininity. ZA Spring/Summer 2013 has the range that fulfills those perfectly.

Total Hydration range which includes:

Total Hydration Day Cream White (RM 26.90) 
Total Hydration Night Cream White (RM 28.90) 
This powerful duo are formulated with the new and advanced Double Whitening Complex, a first ZA technology to combine effective whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C derivatives to brighten skin in just 10 days. 

Total Hydration BB Cream UV White (RM 27.90) 
Enjoy brighter, longer-lasting and effective coverage with the new Total Hydration BB Cream UV White. This BB cream is the ultimate all-in-one base makeup to give skin a natural even-looking finish without any patchiness.

Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation 
(RM 36.90 – refill, RM 14.00 – case) 
This light-weight foundation offers high coverage yet feels incredibly lightweight on skin. It uses Micro-Fine Powder to correct uneven skin tone and give radiance to dull skin. 

Perfect Fit Concealer (RM 30.90) 
Formulated with Perfect Cover Powder, this concealer provides high coverage to perfectly conceal blemishes, scars, dark circles and other skin imperfections.

Lip Drops (RM 18.90) 
This tube-type lip gloss promises to give shiny, dewy, plump lips instantly without any sticky feeling.

I've got some products from the ZA Spring/Summer 2013 collection and I've put them to test! Using only these products above, I was able to create a very wearable and light makeup for daily use.

Not too bad right! I didn't even need to use foundation and all the extra stuff which is awesome, because nobody likes wearing thick makeup in our hot weather.

A very simple look with very simple steps. 
1. After moisturizing and filling in my brows, I applied Perfect Fit Concealer to cover dark circles and other imperfections like blemishes and redness.
2. Then I used Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation to set the concealer and also to even out my skin tone.
3. Next was eye makeup, which was done only using Eyes Groovy eyeshadow (RM 39.90)and Killer Volume Mascara (RM 34.90) which are from the ZA Spring/Summer 2013 collection as well.
4. Finally, smooth on some Lip Drops in 13 Crystal and I'm good to go! Yay!

Alright I know the two pictures above don't do much to showcase the makeup so here's a close-up with absolutely zero color and contrast alteration. I even cropped it for you.. So here it is.






For me, this is ideal as a daily look. I don't even need eyeliner or foundation! Light yet sweet. Very Spring/Summer-ish indeed.

I used Eyes Groovy eyeshadow in 07 Pinkish Brown. The pink was used as the main color for my eyelids, the gold for the lower lash area, silver for inner corners of my eyes and the brown for contouring the outer corners.

As you can see, no false lashes were used in creating the look. All I used was just the Killer Volume Mascara which really gave me killer volume ohoho! The only downside was perhaps the time it took to dry wasn't as short as I hoped it to be. But if that few additional seconds can save me the trouble of fixing on false lashes, why not right?

My favorite products from the ZA Spring/Summer 2013 collection are definitely the concealer and the mascara. When it comes to makeup, I'm lazy to the extent that I can go out with only concealer and enhanced brows. Also, I'll choose mascara over eyeliner any day. So I have a strong feeling that I'll be using the Perfect Fit Concealer and Killer Volume Mascara a lot.

Two more shameless selfies before I leave.

Ok bye.


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